5 Awesome Web Based Time Tracking Software Solutions

As a web worker, I understand the importance of time tracking. You’ll always find me urging people to track the time they spent working. Why? Well, there are distractions galore. There are social networking sites, YouTube, chat and what not. Hence, at the end of the day, I want to see how many hours I spent doing “real work.”

I prefer using cloud-based, or I should say online time tracking software. This list talks about some nice web based time tracking software applications which you might find useful. Check them out and offer any of your own recommendations below.

1. SlimTimer

SlimTimer is a brilliant online time tracking solution that lets you track time for different tasks, and also share them with coworkers. And it’s free to use.

2. Toggl

Toggl has a great interface, nice reporting features and also has desktop versions for all the major operating systems. It has both free and paid versions, but the free version should suffice for most of us.

3. RescueTime

RescueTime is a popular time tracking and productivity software for individuals and business owners, and we’ve discussed it here before. If you are only interested in a web based solution then the RescueTime add-ons for Firefox and Chrome should get the job done.

4. MakeSomeTime

MakeSomeTime is a cool time-tracking and invoicing tool for freelancers, and anyone who juggles more than one project at a time. The interface is simple and easy to comprehend. Check out Lifehacker’s detailed review on the tool.

5. Colorhat

Last but not the least, Colorhat is a simple online time tracking tool that helps you quickly analyze the time spent during the day through a graphical interface.

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  1. I really do not use any time-tracking tool. I just use my plain old watch or clock. But nevertheless, good list.


    • Asha on the 1st October

      Nabeel, just like you I used to depend on a watch, but then I realized that I was not being truly productive, so I tried time tracking using Toggl, which I found very useful, could track all the time, but now I have a team and it has got costly for my needs, so I tried another cloud or web based software called Talygen I use its web interface while most of my team uses their desktop timer and our field staff use their very nifty mobile apps, and its all within our budget too. Time tracking when done correctly is very helpful and increase team visibility and productivity. Also I would recommend Talygen.

    • John on the 24th September

      Take a look at tickspot.com. They offer a free account with a timer. A lot better then the ol watch! 🙂

  2. Rob on the 28th June

    I think time-tracking might not be too popular a need for web workers, which mostly go by project. Rescue-Time is actually a great tool for tracking what you spend your time on, not in a time tracking sense, but in a where are you being productive or wasting time on sense. They have a great piece of software, mac and windows friendly that monitors what applications and website you spend your time on. It then spits you out a monthly report on where you’ve been spending time…now that’s pretty useful!

  3. Allen Cooper on the 28th June

    Nice list. Currently I use pivitol tracker but I may try some of these out.

    • Jason on the 24th October

      There is a similar free time tracking and task management tool in Google code that uses Google spreadsheet to save and retrieve data. Its much easier to use http://code.google.com/p/activitytrackerplus/

  4. Time Tracking on the 28th June

    You should really check out Paymo time tracker, not sure how you missed it 🙂

  5. Kristin Wemmer on the 28th June

    I think tracking your time is extremely effective- not only to see where you’re spending your time, but also for billing purposes. People do still charge based on time! We use Staction- http://staction.com for this. I like it because I can tag my time to specific projects, but it still tallies up my day’s total.

    • Kristin on the 29th June

      Oh, and as of today, Staction is optimized for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even iTouch. 🙂

  6. Jens P. Berget on the 29th June

    I haven’t tried any web based time trackers yet, but I have tried several apps for my Mac and my iPhone. I really need time trackers, and I need software that helps me focus.

    Thanks for sharing, I probably need a web based one if I don’t carry my mac with me (usually I do, all the time) 🙂

    • Paula on the 13th September

      I can also recommend you Timetrack for that (www.timetrack.eu) – it’s a desktop app, available for Mac and for mobile devices (and of course also for windows and linux 😉 ) It’s for free for up to 10 projects.

  7. Alex_G on the 29th June

    Another really great web based time tracking system is TSheets- http://www.tsheets.com. Cloud software is amazing and it has saved me a ton of time!

  8. Dan Mandle on the 29th June

    You should take a look at Harvest (getharvest.com). They have a great online/iphone/desktop time tracking service that also allows you to invoice your clients based on that time and let them see the invoices online or in their email and allow them to pay through paypal.

  9. Carl Natale on the 30th June

    I like Toggl because you don’t have to be connected online to use it. But it will sync with an online account. It’s also pretty easy.

  10. Darius on the 9th July

    Can you help me with toogl? I don’t understad why it keeps showing messange “I don’t know what you’re working on” but I added task?

  11. Jack on the 31st December

    I need to mention free online time tracker MrTickTock available at
    http://mrticktock.com (disclaimer: I’m an author). It is simple, fast and secure web based system to track employee time – good choice for freelancers and small companies. The same category as harvest.

    MrTickTock is being actively developed so you can expect several new features (including vacation tracking) and improved UX in the nearest future.

    • Jack on the 12th March

      MrTickTock 1.0 has just been released.

      We improved UX significantly, mostly on the time sheet page. We use AJAX there to make interaction with the page very natural. Time entries are saved automatically so there is no need for Save button and no chance to loose unsaved time entries.
      It contains several other improvements which you may like.

      The next release will bring vacation tracking.

  12. celina on the 4th February

    I like Replicon Time Tracking Software It is easy to use and works with Quickbooks and MS Project, and you can integrate it with just about any other accounting or project software.

  13. Jakob on the 6th February

    Did you ever tried cronsync?


    cronsync has a intelligent rights management for permanent and external staff, such as freelancers. Flexible time tracking settings, easily adjustable to your company’s and clients’ needs. Supports time tracking and invoicing on a time and material or on a flatrate basis. Invoices are automatically generated based on time tracking and project data. You choose what level of invoice detail you want to grant your client.

    We have launched cronsync this year. I look forward to your feedback!

    Best, Jakob

  14. Paul on the 5th April

    Another suggestion for your list (kinda like colorhat) – check out 1DayLater Time tracking and invoicing software – hope that’s useful 🙂

  15. Mahin on the 25th April

    Activity Tracker Plus (http://www.screeperzone.com/atplus) is another 100% free online todo list and time tracking tool. It uses Google Spreadsheet to store data so that user has full control of their own data

  16. April on the 6th May

    I like Freckle (http://letsfreckle.com). It’s the most convenient and user-friendly time tracking tool I have ever tried ad I have been using it for two years and counting.

  17. Time Tracker on the 4th August

    My favorite is clockodo (http://www.clockodo.com), a very intuitive tool. I tested some, but with all others I wasted too much time with the program itself.

  18. Tracy Yao on the 9th August

    I used Cuckoo (http://www.cuckoosystem.com). Not many fancy features but that what I like. Simple and intuitive. With a calendar interface which is easy to track down your works. Automatically generate invoices and receipts to the corresponding clients. The invoice generated is editable as well. Pretty handy!

  19. Allie on the 26th August

    How obout this one. http://www.onepageonly.net/Homepage/Home.aspx and can say Easy and very useful.

  20. Jennifer Banks on the 31st August

    Thank you for the post. I recently bought a Employee time tracking software for my new company. I could not be happier with my choice.

  21. Olga Goloburda on the 27th January

    Another online time tracking and billing software, http://www.easytimetracking.net/, is worthy of your attention. It will enrich your list!

  22. CFox on the 12th February

    Readers may also review CaseFox.com. CaseFox is a Web-based Time and Invoicing Software for tracking of your billable/non-billable hours and expenses, create client invoices, record payments, tracking case notes, managing case documents, monitoring unbilled hours, unbilled invoices and many other tasks. Multi-user role based access to cases. Special contract attorney access to your account.

  23. Andy M. on the 27th February

    The newest thing I’ve found is http://www.paymo.biz I suggest the Plus one, that’s really cool and keeps track of everything you do on the computer. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I found it.

  24. Marie-Eve on the 8th March

    Do you know Kiwili ?
    It works with all the platforms (Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android) and there’s even an iPhone version. The app allows you to manage your time, create and send bills, get paid online, organize your projects, create your reports and so on. Here’s the link https://www.kiwili.com

  25. James Faban on the 17th June

    Amazing how things keep moving in that space.
    I was looking for a time tracking that would be integrated with a project management tool and would allow me to send out reports and am now using GroupCamp Project’s Timelog (http://www.groupcamp.com/project-management-tour/project-time-tracking) and Timesheet’s apps (http://www.groupcamp.com/project-management-tour/online-timesheets):

  26. Alex Cook on the 28th June

    Look at TeamWox Groupware is a web-based time, team and tasks management software, up 10 users for free: http://www.teamwox.com

  27. maria on the 6th July

    I have one more suggestion to your list which is Comindware issue tracker which is a great tool that made me believe that life can get organized and logical.

  28. JWayne on the 19th July

    Nice list! Another software that you could include in your list is “Time Doctor”. We have tried this in our outsourcing business and it efficiently tracks hours worked and websites visited during business hours. It also sends reports daily/weekly which is what I liked most.

  29. Michael on the 11th September

    We’d like to suggest Work Examiner website monitoring software that we use for more than 1yr in our company. All employees are tracked (programs, web access, attendance, etc.) – work time abuse reduced significantly… and all reports are generated automaically!

  30. Joe on the 18th September

    I’d like to suggest Time Tracker. It’s a 100% Web based system that also integrates with email. Managers can set up “Auto-Nag” email reminders that are automatically emailed to employees who are late submitting their timesheets. It also leverages email to automate approval routing, sending an email copy of the timesheet that designated approvers can review and approve simply by clicking a link.

    It also simplifies timesheet creation for users as well – they can auto-populate their timesheet based on their assignments or on a previously submitted timesheet.

  31. Matt Stone on the 27th September

    Thanks for the great article, I’ve never heard about some of these project management Apps. We are using in our company another one – Task tracking software by Comindware. It’s first time i’m using only one task management software for long time, so I’m very very pleased with it.

  32. Jason Cabungcal on the 18th October

    Have you tried OnlineTimeReporting? It’s an online time tracking tool and helps you easily track your projects. You can export reports in Excel, PDF, or CSV. It’s web-based but it can also be set to be location based (by IP address), which means brick and mortar businesses can use it too. It’s global. There is nothing to install and works great through any browser. You can use Online Time Reporting to manage your own employees, or just yourself and your own projects. My managers at work like it because they can see where employees spend their time. Good stuff!

  33. Kumar on the 22nd October

    I would like to suggest Replicon employee time tracking, which is one of the best time tracking tool.

  34. Kelly on the 5th November

    We like Hours Tracking for our 16-person team. I also use it for my freelance projects. Simple to use, customizable exports, tracks time as you work, and super affordable at just $1/month! http://hourstracking.com

  35. Paul on the 14th November

    Great article. We are using Flapps, which is a cloud based time and expense tracker. Worth checking out in your next review. Cheers!

  36. Hank Roze on the 8th December

    Good list. Another web based time tracking software is HappyTODOS. It is also ideal tool for managing and tracking projects, estimate cost, portfolio management and daily list to do manager.

  37. Jan on the 30th January

    I like to use PlanetSoho for tracking my time and creating/sending invoices. It’s similar to Freshbooks, not sure if any of you have used that. I’d give PlanetSoho a try if you’re struggling with tracking billable hours, as it’s a free app.

  38. David on the 1st February

    We like http://projectsputnik.com It has great usability and clear time spent reports. Project management features are flexible and also has outstanding usability.

  39. Anthony H. on the 21st February

    We use Paymo as an online time tracking & billing software. It’s a great, affordable tool used by thousands of freelancers.

  40. Jerry N on the 3rd March

    I’m freelancer and joined to a team to work on a new project. We were looking for a free task manager tool where we can track billable and and non-billable (feed backs) hours. Found http://projectsputnik.com. Very satisfied. Easy to use. This is one click tool. Recommend it. Also it provides very useful reports.

  41. Ben Jones on the 11th March

    I’ve tried a few online time tracking solutions as I am a free lance designer, the one I am currently using is http://blueskyapp.com. I find it easier to use than some of the other solutions but best of all it’s free which is a major bonus in my books.

  42. alan on the 5th April

    I use ziptimetracker.com for time tracking. It has invoicing and reporting to see where the time went. In the past I have used Paymo and it is good, too.

  43. stephanie on the 14th May

    We use our own software for time tracking. Have been using for years and it’s worked wonderfully. It tracks time and expenses for multiple projects. As contractors, we would struggle without it as we would have a huge amount of projects and activities to keep track of!

  44. Erica on the 4th July

    Thank you so much for a list. Also, you can have a look at the tool my office uses: http://kanbantool.com/. It is very easy to leran and use. I like also pomodoro technique and a simple online pomodor timer http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/.

  45. Jakub on the 14th October

    I use http://www.primaerp.com
    Its in many languages it has very intuitive UI and its free, but funcionality is same or better than its competition!

  46. Mandeep on the 14th October

    I use a comprehensive tool http://www.invoicera.com that offers all at one place, i.e. invoicing and time tracking both.

  47. Lukas on the 17th October

    Thanks for the great list! You might want to try our time tracking & invoicing application Deskmeister (http://www.deskmeister.com). We have a simple and fast interface, perfect for web workers and small businesses. Would be awesome to get some feedback from you. Feel free to contact me if you have any question!

  48. O. Gamot on the 18th October

    You can try busYtimesheet which is free up to ten users, absolutly super easy for setup, configuration, and use.

    You will complete your timesheet in a few seconds, and save time !

  49. angela walters on the 13th November

    Time tracking is indeed a very important tool for work. It will help employers monitor not just the time spent by each employee but also the let them see that what they’re paying are all work related activities. I’ve been working as a freelancer and I used time doctor for quite some time and I can say that it is indeed one of the best software to track time. It generates reports such as poor time usage which helps in productivity. It also has random screenshots to make sure that your working on work related activities. It also let you see how many minutes spent on each task. And also, it automatically logs you out when became idle for a couple of minutes.

  50. Mike on the 27th November

    Hi Abhijeet Mukherjee, thank you for this list.
    We use http://www.nutcache.com as it is an invoicing and time tracking web application so we can easily bill the time spent on a project and this application is completely free without any limitations.

    worth checking out http://www.nutcache.com

  51. Marco Del Monte on the 5th December

    I use Timenene Time Tracking (http://www.timeneye.com) and I find it extremely easy and with powerful reports. It integrates with Basecamp, which saves a ton of time.

  52. Allen Screen on the 14th January

    I’m a small business owner, so I’ve tried a few online time tracking software and applications. The one I currently use is PayPanther –> http://www.paypanther.com/. It’s really good and simple to use. Comes with a lot of features. Invoicing, CRM, Project Management, etc.

  53. Allen Screen on the 15th January

    great article! very informative! However, my favorite isn’t listed. I use PayPanther. It tracks time, creates and sends invoices, manages task and projects, manages contacts, and has many more features for freelancers and business owners.

  54. Matthew on the 28th February

    If you are concerned about your privacy while you are tracking your work time, there is a great alternative with servers in Switzerland: https://timesaver.ch

  55. Pauline on the 3rd March

    Excellent List of Time tracking tools!
    I think you might like to add some more to this magnificent List. Proofhub http://www.proofhub.com is a Project management, Collaboration Solution and Time tracker which we’ve been using for the past 2 years. Drop box http://www.dropbox.com allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. Thanks for Posting informative content like these. Keep up the Good Work!

  56. George Cook on the 15th March

    One definitely needs a time tracking software to know how productively he is using his time. By watching your time entries in a time tracking application, you can clearly know if you are completing your tasks within the allocated time or using more than required time for performing them. So it helps you to self-assess your performance and be more efficient at your work.

    You have done a good work by showcasing these tools, but for me proofhub happens to be perfect for time tracking as it enables precise tracking of time over tasks but in a quite simple manner. http://www.proofhub.com

  57. Steve Freeman on the 31st March

    Hi Nabeel

    I have been using eBillity time tracking software for several years. The set up was quick and when I had a question there is chat support waiting to assist me. A real person not a robot! It also syncs with Intuit’s Quickbooks and we have Outlook plugin. they got tons of 5 star reviews on Intuit!. Using the eBillity time tracking software has saved me a great deal of time and expenses.

    You should try it I’ve pasted a link to their website below!

    Steve Freeman

  58. Jared Armstrong on the 2nd May

    Great list Abhijeet, and I hope you don’t mind me chiming in a while after it was written (I saw this come up in Google!).

    Just wanted to mention that MinuteDock (http://minutedock.com) is another option to your list – we have a TON of happy users, along with Xero/QuickBooks integration.

  59. Nancy on the 11th June

    I found Yaware (http://yaware.com/) useful. It tracks not just working hours but their productivity. I think the main goal for all time tracking software is an opportunity to analyze the level of your personal growth!

  60. Axel on the 15th July

    You could also check out SpikeTime (http://www.spiketime.net) – a time tracking tool build by me and a friend for freelancers and project teams. Features a timer, manual time entry creation and a lot of useful reports.

  61. Remy on the 21st July

    You can also try Opentime (http://opentime.net) a web-based time management app. The goal of this app is to save on all time lost related to a lack of timely informations on work done and/or forecasted.

    Try it for free 😉


  62. Reyes Williams on the 25th September

    How about Replicon online time management software?

    It is pretty simple and hassle free with nice calendar view interface.

  63. Kevin Peter on the 11th May

    Abhijeet, a whole lot of new SaaS based softwares and apps with the latest tweak of technology are on the move. Have you had a chance to evaluate them recently? Any suggestions for the most user friendly time tracking solution?

  64. Tom on the 29th May

    For tracking time, it should definitely be as easy as possible. I’d recommend TimeSheet Reporter (http://www.timesheetreporter.com), which allows you to track time via your MS Outlook calendar.


  65. Max on the 3rd June

    I am a freelance programmer, the one I am currently using is free time tracking software Time Tracking primaERP https://www.primaerp.com/

  66. Freerk on the 30th June

    A long list of time tracking software here. But still someone missing: TimeWriter (http://www.timewriter.com) This is an originally Dutch program, also available in English. The newest version of it is totally rewritten and also has a cloud version now. There is a nice weekgrid so you can easily see what you have tracked.

  67. Jonah Turnquist on the 4th July

    Awesome list. Another great solution is http://www.timepanther.com . It’s especially a good time tracking tool for freelancers, but it not limited in that sense. It’s a web-based time tracking app. Also supports billing and reports. Free as well! 🙂


  68. Tracy Rickover on the 23rd September

    I want to add one in the above list which i found useful and affordable that is AccountSight https://www.accountsight.com/. It is affordable and user friendly online time and expense tracker. It is a cloud based application for small businesses for maintaining weekly time sheets and billing online.

  69. Marlena on the 5th October

    Whoa, great list.
    Personally I love TimeCamp. They offer automatic time tracking which is GREAT because I’m an awful multitasker. 😛
    With automatic keywords detection I don’t need to worry about tracking task on my own. I would recommend it to every multitasker 🙂
    you can find them here: https://www.timecamp.com

  70. Sam Ackerman on the 18th November

    I tried to use Cosmolex but it frustrates me and I heard this practicepanther. This software helped me a lot. I’m on its trial since it is free ‘till the first month of the following year, I’ve been planning to use this permanently… I’ll keep you updated on what I finalize soon.

  71. Kim Marfil on the 24th November

    Great review! I also found this time tracking service really great – https://hubstaff.com
    As a remote employee, I really find their service very helpful for me to be more productive.

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