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5 Books Freelancers Should Read Now

We can agree it’s important to keep up on the current state of one’s industry. It’s key to look beyond the computer screen from time to time. That could mean learning the latest trends in content marketing, outsourcing or graphic design. It could be checking in with the role of working at home in the global economy or the future of contract work as we know it. Everything is changing and it’s essential to know what to expect. Even if you have a favorite freelancing trade journal you faithfully read — in print or electronically — here are a few recent books you may wish to devour. Click Here to Read Article …

“On Second Thought” Takes a Second Look at Our Thinking Process

Regardless of industry, experience or pay-grade, all of our work ultimately consists of a long series of decisions. The thinking process behind them involves either careful, deliberate calculation or the use of instincts, impulses, and “following your gut.” In the workplace, terms like “Jack-of-all-trades,” “wearing many hats” and “thinking on your feet” bring to mind images of multitasking, prioritizing and decisive action. Click Here to Read Article …

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Thinking with your gut is a heuristic approach to decision making that would work best for