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Should You Upgrade WordPress? 4 Guides to WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is out with a batch of new features and improvements that take it closer to being a content management system rather than a blogging platform. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the trouble of upgrading or switching from another platform, here are four resources that can help you make up your mind:

1) WordPress 3.0: The 5 Most Important New Features

Mashable has a strong guide to its new features.

2) 8 New Exciting WordPress 3.0 Features

Alex Bor focuses on eight improvements and how to use them in your site.

3) What Did You Like In WordPress 3.0?

Keith Dsouza isn’t so sure it’s all that and a bag of chips. He doesn’t have a review yet but there’s a pretty spirited discussion of the new version in the comments.

4) WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”

The official WordPress announcement of what you can do.

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