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How to Become a Go to Person

What’s your resolution for 2012? Want to improve your time management skills? Looking for ways to create more effective communication between colleagues? Or do you want to be known for producing professional results under aggressive deadlines to give your career more momentum? If you answered “all of the above” then this is your year to become a go-to person.

Whether you’re working with department members, cross-team or with clients, being a good go-to person can make you indispensable (and powerful) to them and your company. Click Here to Read Article …

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Are You a Victim of Performance Punishment?

Ever experience performance punishment? Imagine if Derek Jeter were so valuable to the (then) Greensboro Hornets they would never allow him to progress through the developmental leagues and on to the fabled career in the majors he (and baseball fans around the world!) now enjoys.

Or, what if the Cleveland Cavaliers gave LeBron James the keys to the kingdom to incentivize him to play out his entire career in a secondary media market with a slim chance of ever winning a championship? Click Here to Read Article …

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