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5 Tips for Managing Information Overload

I’m surprised when I hear people say that they are not suffering from information overload. With so much of information all around, it’d be tough to ignore the temptation of consuming more and more of it.

The important thing is to manage the flow of information in your life. Information is power, and you can’t do without it. Managing the flow is the key.

1. What are the Information Sources?

The first step towards managing and reducing information overload would be to clearly identify the information sources. It could be your cellphone, your TV, your RSS feeds — knowing how exactly you consume information everyday and how you start.

2. What’s Your Priority?

Once you’ve identified the sources, you need to identify your priorities. And accordingly, you could decide what are the sources you could do away with and which ones are essential to use everyday.

3. Manage Email

Most of you would agree that email is one of the biggest sources of information overload. Hence, keeping it in check in necessary. How? Have a look at our tips for managing email overload.

4. Manage RSS Feeds

Next in the list is RSS feeds. Being productive with RSS feeds is something which I’ve covered in detail some time ago in my tips for productive RSS news feed reading.

5. Disconnect Often

Finally, disconnecting often from the information sources, be it the computer, PC, mobile phone, iPod or any other such device, is a recommended step if you are serious about taming this beast called information. Click Here to Read Article …

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