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What’s on Your Music Playlist – Specific Situations Edition

Loud heavy metal used to make me get all my work done in high school and today I’ve no idea how I was able to think that way.  My brother calls me an “old geezer” since opera and folk are more of what help me focus and get work done —  though when writing I generally prefer silence.  Sometimes a few songs are sure to make me focus (or simply relax) so that I can focus, though songs with lyrics can be distracting as I always seem to pay attention to the lyrics.  In that case, electronica is the way to go. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Streaming Sound and Music Sites for Work

When we asked last week whether or not you need music at work, many of you responded in favor. Some mentioned that music lets you create a zone and focus more on what you are doing. In fact, there are many theories in support of that – like the so-called “Mozart effect”.

If you just can’t work with music on, you might want to try streaming sounds of different types to see if they have a positive effect on your focus and overall productivity. Check out the following tools if you intend to give it a shot. Click Here to Read Article …

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Music at Work: Necessity or Nuisance?

It’s a quiet day at the office.

The sounds of the keyboards a clicking away and you can hear the hum of appliances and the buzzing of fluorescent lighting throughout the room.  It’s kind of nice, but also kind of eerie.  Then a voice is heard that cuts the silence like a knife.

“Do you mind if I put on some music?”

What’s your reaction when a co-worker suggests this? Do you agree that the place is too quiet and needs some sound, or do you immediately nix the idea in favor of silence? Click Here to Read Article …

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