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How to Begin Speed Reading Right Now

Begin Speed Reading Right Now

For my entire life, I’ve considered myself a slow reader. In school, I had to put in long hours to keep up with the material we were expected to read. After formal schooling, I became interested in personal development and could never seem to keep up with the new books I was hearing about.

Finally one day I came across an article about speed reading. I’d never put much faith in it since my earliest memories growing up involved infomercials that showed people flipping through pages as fast as they could see them. I never believed I could be taught to read that fast. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Great Links for Speed Reading and Concentration

In an earlier article, I discussed the merits of teaching speed reading in schools.  While it doesn’t appear to be something on the immediate horizon, the web has a few options worth considering if you want to upgrade your speed reading skills:

Speed Reading Techniques

This is a quick guide from Indiana Wesleyan University.

How To Speed Read

BBC.com’s guide to students who want to learn speed reading.

Developing Better Concentration

Athletes have to concentrate if they’re to improve.  Here is a guide from a fitness professional that includes concentration techniques.

A Guide to Meditation for the Rest of Us

Concentration is key not only to speed reading but also to achieving goals.  Here’s a guide with suggested timers and music.

Building One Big Brain

New York Times columnist Robert Wright comments on author Nicholas Carr’s suspicion that the internet ‘is chipping away [his] capacity for concentration and contemplation.’

Do you have a particular method or tool at your disposal that helps you improve your speed reading skills?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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Should Speed Reading Techniques Be Taught in School?

I picked up a teach yourself book at a friend’s today about speed reading.  It states that with speed reading one can maximize their time and improve their reading efficiency.  I’ve never met people who speed read but it seems like such a good idea. If we all could speed read we would be able to go through all of the information we go through every day much more quickly, allowing more time for our work.  It leaves me wondering why speed reading isn’t taught in school as a skill – along with algebra shortcuts and writing short hand.

Do you think speed reading techniques should be taught in school?  Do you think or know if it really helps? Click Here to Read Article …

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