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A Guide to Evernote Trunk

I mentioned Evernote in my post on tools for productive online writing and I am sure almost all of you have heard about it – if not used it. It is probably the best note-taking software out there.

Just a few days back, Evernote announced a new section on their site called ‘The Trunk’. Being a long time user of the tool, I was immediately interested in knowing what it was all about and hence decided to check it out. This article sums up what I’ve discovered about this new offering from the folks at Evernote. Click Here to Read Article …

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Learn How to Build a Successful Blog Business

Envato is one of a small number of companies that has learned how to make money from blogs. Today, we gross well over seven figures a year from our blogs.

So it’s no small announcement that CEO Collis Ta’eed has released a book packed with the company’s secrets, detailing a road map you can use to navigate your blog business to success.

How to Build a Successful Blog Business is a straight forward guide to building a publishing business online that covers everything from choosing a niche to hiring staff, registering a business to selling it, finding traffic to monetizing it.

Whether you are interested in creating an additional income stream or building a fully-fledged business, this is an essential read for web entrepreneurs and online publishers. Click Here to Read Article …

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Is Office Dating Appropriate?

According to a recent article on CBS MoneyWatch, office romances are becoming increasingly common. In a way, it makes sense, because if you’re working crazy hours trying to keep your boss happy, it’s tough to find time to meet people outside the office.

Of course, dating a coworker can seriously backfire because if you break up, you’ll still have to see them every single day. And if you’re dating a superior (or your company has a strict anti-fraternization policy), that introduces a whole other can of worms!

I’ve never dated someone in my office, and it’s unlikely that I will in the future; I now work from home at an office of one (even when I reported to an office, I didn’t have much exposure to potential boyfriends, my coworkers were predominantly female). But I’d be interested in your take on this topic.

Have you had an office romance? Or are you strictly against it? Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Tips for Managing Information Overload

I’m surprised when I hear people say that they are not suffering from information overload. With so much of information all around, it’d be tough to ignore the temptation of consuming more and more of it.

The important thing is to manage the flow of information in your life. Information is power, and you can’t do without it. Managing the flow is the key.

1. What are the Information Sources?

The first step towards managing and reducing information overload would be to clearly identify the information sources. It could be your cellphone, your TV, your RSS feeds — knowing how exactly you consume information everyday and how you start.

2. What’s Your Priority?

Once you’ve identified the sources, you need to identify your priorities. And accordingly, you could decide what are the sources you could do away with and which ones are essential to use everyday.

3. Manage Email

Most of you would agree that email is one of the biggest sources of information overload. Hence, keeping it in check in necessary. How? Have a look at our tips for managing email overload.

4. Manage RSS Feeds

Next in the list is RSS feeds. Being productive with RSS feeds is something which I’ve covered in detail some time ago in my tips for productive RSS news feed reading.

5. Disconnect Often

Finally, disconnecting often from the information sources, be it the computer, PC, mobile phone, iPod or any other such device, is a recommended step if you are serious about taming this beast called information. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Make Your Own PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint is awesome. It can help you create some quick and easy presentation and make you look more professional. It is really a tool that can enhance your message. I’ve put together a “how-to” on making your own PowerPoint template in little to no time. Click Here to Read Article …

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The Ultimate Collection of Productivity & Office Software for Mac

This post is for all you workaholics who use a Mac for your full-time career. From to-do lists and digital clutter organizers to word processors and time trackers, we’ve compiled a list of all the applications you’ll need to stay productive and efficient at work.

Below you’ll find over 100 free and premium applications that will either fit right into your current workflow or revolutionize the way you get things done. Let’s take a look!

The Ultimate Collection of Productivity & Office Software for Mac Click Here to Read Article …

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Does Your Power Lunch Have Lasting Energy?

Picking your lunch can seem like an inconsequential choice in your workday that has no bearing on your productivity. In actuality, it could be the most important daily decision you make. Choosing proper fuel can sustain a strong work ethic to the end of your workday and beyond. On the other hand. Picking the wrong food can sap your strength and leave you struggling against exhaustion for hours. A nutritious power lunch can give you sustained energy for the rest of the workday.

“Glycemic index” is a measure of how fast your food is digested for energy. Sugary foods like danishes, candy and soda have sky-high glycemic indexes. Proteins and complex carbohydrates like yogurt, apples or peanuts are much slower-burning fuels, and thus have much lower glycemic indexes. At first, high glycemic indexes might seem like the sign of ideal fuel, but they can leave you exhausted when they burn out too quickly. Quick-burning fuel is great for a rocketship doing a 30-second burst, but you’re dealing with an 8-hour workday it just won’t work.

So if you can’t seem to find a full workday’s worth of energy and focus in your food, consider different fuel sources. And think twice before picking “hi-octane” fuel – it just won’t go the distance. Click Here to Read Article …

How Your Spouse Can Help Your Work-Life Balance

I don’t need to tell you how challenging it is to balance work and life. In this economy, it’s hard to say no to working more hours. You want to spend more time with your family but need to make enough money to pay the bills.

What works for many people may not work for you. Luckily you have an extremely powerful ally – your partner. No, not the person who works with you or co-owns your business. I’m talking about your spouse/significant other/family member. Who do you share your life with?

Your partner can play a huge part in achieving work-life balance. Here are some ways to help each other make the most of your time: Click Here to Read Article …