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What Successful Companies Do Differently

What is your big organizational initiative right now?

Perhaps, you’re focused on increasing sales, decreasing production costs or streamlining internal processes.

Maybe you’re in the strategic planning process or in budget hell.

Successful companies have processes in place to continuously monitor the performance of every function of the business.

Resources are allocated to examine the status of finance, production, logistics, service, partnerships and even consumer perceptions of the brand or company.

However, many overlook the organizational L-word: Learning. Be honest, when was the last time you pulled your best and brightest people into the conference room to examine the way your company learns? Click Here to Read Article …

How Lifelong Learning Can Open New Doors in Your Career

So many business professionals are focused on the top that they forget they need to stay current on the job they already have. We forget that we need to be able to do our job to the best of our ability before we can begin to climb the ladder. If we’re set on promotion, we also need to stay current and be thought leaders for where we are now. This is where Lifelong Learning comes into play.

Lifelong learners already know what’s going on in their field. They’re the ones who have subscriptions to professional journals, and they’re the ones who announce to the office the latest in technologies. Human Resources departments love them, and so they’re the ones who get the promotions.

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Exclusive Holiday Giveaway: 52 Weeks to Awesome

It’s time for our second holiday giveaway, this one offered up by The Connection Revolution. It’s a slot in their upcoming 52 Weeks
to Awesome

This course is going to last for — you guessed it — 52 weeks and each participant will take baby steps on a week-by-week basis to a more awesome life. Pace and Kyeli (the forces behind The Connection Revolution) have put together this comprehensive and yet accessible course that aims to bring more awesomeness into the world…one person at a time. Click Here to Read Article …

How Do You Learn?

Idle hands are one thing, but what about an idle mind?

As human beings, we thirst for knowledge.  Heck, it’s the message behind the opening dialogue over top of every Star Trek opening – ever.  We want to know more.  We need to know more.  How we do that is up to each of us…well, once you’re out of school.

Continuing on in school and taking courses (like night classes) is one way to do it.  You can even take many classes online now (they’re the new “correspondence” courses).  Those aside, you can learn from books that you buy or borrow.  The content on the web – like blogs – can educate as well.  And while learning on the job is likely the most common (and most cost-effective) way to learn in the present day, you may not necessarily be learning what you’d like to.

So, how do you learn?  How do you like to learn?  What’s your favorite way to learn new things and advance your knowledge in others?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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