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Are You Working Under an Effective Leader?

Although many professionals hold leadership positions in the workplace, not everyone is cut out for the responsibilities that come with the position of an effective leader. You might find yourself working for someone whose leadership skills are lacking—and you might believe you could do a better job at leading your team.

How to Unleash the Leader Within You

Although you’ll still have to follow your boss’s orders, it might help to find ways to exhibit your own leadership skills. Click Here to Read Article …

How Lifelong Learning Can Open New Doors in Your Career

So many business professionals are focused on the top that they forget they need to stay current on the job they already have. We forget that we need to be able to do our job to the best of our ability before we can begin to climb the ladder. If we’re set on promotion, we also need to stay current and be thought leaders for where we are now. This is where Lifelong Learning comes into play.

Lifelong learners already know what’s going on in their field. They’re the ones who have subscriptions to professional journals, and they’re the ones who announce to the office the latest in technologies. Human Resources departments love them, and so they’re the ones who get the promotions.

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5 Ways to Know You Need More Life Balance

There are books and websites and TV shows that claim to teach the secrets to living a life of balance. With the madness of everyday life, achieving a “balanced life” has become the dream that every adult strives for. Being the best you can be without breaking a sweat.

It’s become the “have it all” of the 21st century: Excelling at work, raising brilliant and well-behaved kids, pursuing high education to move up in your career and keeping an exciting and loving relationship with a spouse. Of course, taking on every aspect of your life is a recipe for failure, and will stress you out even more. Click Here to Read Article …