Top 10 Legitimate Work from Home Sites

If you’re looking for a great opportunity, look no further than your computer. The workplace is changing and to meet the demands of consumers and companies are rethinking their staffing approach – they are not limiting themselves to local, in-person employees. Today, you can capitalize on the opportunity to work from home for clients worldwide.

The Internet consists of several legitimate work from home sites. The question really is how badly do you want to work? The ideal scenario for most graduates is to make money without trying too hard. You see your parents working all day in living hell and don’t want to follow in their footsteps. After all, it seems like a bitter pill to swallow if you wake up one day and realize you’ve been sitting in an office for most of your life.

The solution lies in working from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want to, without feeling the pressure of a fixed schedule. The Internet is a great resource for telecommuting jobs, whether you’re interested in freelance writing, offering online technical support, translating/transcribing or designing. And the best part? You don’t even have to localize your efforts since you can work for employers from all over the world, as long as you meet their requirements.

Here are some of the most popular sites providing telecommuting positions:

This is one of the biggest legitimate work from home websites when it comes to locating telecommuting opportunities. It’s a highly popular site with a wide range of listings, thus giving you the chance to gain experience in a variety of fields. You apply for jobs, much the same as you would if you were applying to a job right down the street: You set up a portfolio, send applications and samples and are interviewed online. This is a competitive forum but once your asking rate is fair and your work is consistently high-quality, it’s up to you to decide if you want to treat this as a part-time excursion or a full-time experience.

On this website, job ads are posted daily. These ads are filtered; those which contain spam, too low payment or no payment at all are automatically deleted.  It sorts through all the noise so you don’t have to.  It’s a huge timesaver.  After all, do you really want to be sorting through gobs of ads, only to find out that the employers are only willing to pay $1/hour? No thanks!

Everyone who reads tech news on a daily basis has heard of Mashable. From time to time, they post job openings in the dedicated section of their website. Snag one with them and watch your prospects for the future skyrocket.  This is a reputable organization and will give you massive amounts of credibility in the future.

This website resembles oDesk in many aspects, allowing you to both post your projects and search for jobs.  oDesk and pack a mean 1-2 punch that’ll get you to work faster than you can hit your snooze button for the second time.

If you have a passion for photography, then this is the site for you.  With content being more important than ever in the wild world of internet marketing, expect this site to pick up steam quickly in upcoming months.

We know what you’re thinking, but just bear with us: Twitter isn’t just a great social platform, it’s also a place to get noticed by important companies. Using its search function could prove to be useful in finding a suitable job.

This website can help you find an IT or Engineering  listing.  If you subscribe, you will also receive recommendations.  Not too shabby!

If blogging is your passion, check out these listings. They might help you find topics you might like to work on. Imagine that: Writing about something you love.  Novel concept – and one that many people are capitalizing on.

Elance is a first cousin to oDesk and  It’s set up almost the same way in format, although the quality of opportunities available is slightly higher here than others.

This is another website for companies that need freelancers.  It’s not as highly trafficked as some of the other sites in the list, but still worth mentioning for the golden nuggets you can find there.

In the end, the Internet is your friend and opens up a whole new world of possibilities as it relates to job opportunities.  Whether you’re looking for a quick gig, a part time job or full time employment, these sites can help you embark on a new journey where the sky is truly the limit!

What other legitimate work from home websites would you add to the list?


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  1. HP van Duuren on the 1st May

    For getting and developing ‘Leads’ you might consider using
    Start with simple Gig’s that might also develope into more substantial Projects.
    Btw. also on my own – Home Business Lifestyle – Blog you can find a whole list of Start up Links & Recources.

  2. Michael Belk on the 3rd May

    Some of these are new sites for me. You have created a great list. I never even considered twitter to be a lead finder, but I guess so they are everything else.

  3. Zacchaeus Nifong on the 9th May

    Why didn’t you guys approve my comment?

    • Pooja Lohana on the 9th May

      Hi Zacchaeus

      Not sure what happened there, but we always approve non-spammy comments 🙂


  4. Rie Avis on the 10th May

    Have you checked out this is another site for work from home job.

  5. David Wilson on the 14th May

    A nice list. I have never really used any of these sites before despite signing up to a few of them.

    I have seen Twitter work really well to develop freelance opportunities for Web Designers in the past too, in this case, the work came to them via their Social Media Marketing.


  6. Sofia on the 18th May

    Not bad… Some of them never fall to my attention, like Sologig.
    I have been working as a freelancer, for quite some time… Perhaps PeoplePerHour was the most successful to me, as it has the ability to maintain good prices in the jobs posted…
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Belle on the 6th June

    I have been working via Odesk for 2 years and it’s just my cup of tea. It allowed me to go full-time as a freelancer. I have not tried the other sites because some ask for a fee to bid on jobs. But good thing you also shared other avenues which offer free job boards. Thank you!

  8. Raquel on the 5th July

    There are a number of large companies that hire at home workers to take calls, chats etc. on behalf of large corporations. At TalkRep, we have represented over 20% of the Fortune 500 staffing work at home agents and providing credicble opportunities for thousands of agents over the past ten years. Multiple contact centers offer these credible opportunities. We have several Agents that have worked with Talk2Rep for over 8 or more years.

  9. Craig Desmarais on the 24th July

    I like to engage with other bloggers for a period of time then ask for an opportunity to guest blog or have them guest blog for me. Doing this can expose you to this person’s network of friends and followers too.

  10. Sateesh on the 26th August

    Superb collection. Thanks

  11. Lillian Sauve on the 27th August

    A Question: Trying to find out if a couple of home businesses are legitimate.
    Stay at Home Revenue and OnLine Home Careers?
    I have tried BBB, but no answers. Can you answer my questions???

    Thankyou very much,
    Lillian S, Canada.

    • Christina M Allen on the 9th September

      Have you been able to find out?

  12. Ian on the 8th October

    thanks !

  13. Randy on the 23rd January

    Awesome Article I Agree The Hardest Part Is Staying Persistent. Here’s My Blog And Story About My Online Job Work On Facebook
    Iv’e Never Been Happier And Had More Free Time In My Life. 🙂 God Bless

  14. affiliates1213 on the 3rd April

    Randy is right, you guys need to be persistent! I worked online for 4 months and didn’t make any money… then I took a break because I couldn’t afford to make no money and because I was getting sick and tired of the games!! But I did come back to working online to try one last time and THANK GOD I seem to have figured out a few things- anyway checkout my blog I created that talked about my first 3 months until now and it gives some great strategies.
    good luck people and stay strong!

  15. Graham Singer on the 12th April


    II see some old comments regarding working from home.
    I certainly agree with persistance, as I started working on building a business about a year ago, and made a lot of mistakes.
    Would wlecome any comments on how to make a video on home based business!


    Graham Singer

  16. Stan Tomaszewski on the 29th April

    Excellent list! I will share with my list. The best way to get started “online” is to develop a relationship with someone you find online, then copy their system if they will show you. If they won’t show you, they either aren’t as successful as they claim, or they are simply missing the big picture to support their customers. Use to check out their website traffic- low traffic may mean they don’t really have a thriving business. Many real full time marketers can be quite busy so be persistent to get through, emailing often is a best way to make initial contacts.Stan

  17. Pete on the 29th April

    Hi –
    Please add to your list. It’s a career site for professionals who want to telecommute. Thanks 🙂

  18. Sherry on the 29th May

    Hey, maybe you can also list It’s international IT-project board where freelancers and outsourcing providers can register for free and apply without limitation. Also nice to know: No commission fees! Maybe anyone will check it!

  19. Marie on the 5th June

    Try out Virtualassistantstaffing – they hire all fields: Telemarketer, Appointment setter, Real estate assistant, Business Consultant, Sales representative, Project Managers, Web developers/programmer, Article writer, transcriptionist, etc…

  20. Andre Agassi on the 18th June

    Thanks for sharing the legitimate work from home jobs. Despite the growing popularity of work from home jobs, the job seekers often find it a daunting task to identify and avoid the scams.

    • samantha on the 28th June

      i have lupus and cannot work. my friend turned me on to ebay listings. it took a month or two, now i make at least 1500 a month and it’s getting better. Also, please keep in mind I only put in 4hrs a day 3-4 days a week.

      We also have facebook support groups with other employees if there are any questions.

  21. Julie Kenk on the 11th November

    Thank you very much for the information. I am doing research right now on how to work from home. Like so many it’s not easy to distinct the bad from the good but I do believe genuine good will defeat bad. It’s not for everyone to work from home and have the discipline but it’s one of my goal to stay home and work from home during this miserable winter we have.

    Sometimes, I feel my head is spinning by reading everyone’s comment. As of today you don’t know anymore what is good and what is scam. Your best bet, is your research and your judgement on what you want to do to make up a nice living. I don’t believe a quick rich paid but I do believe in a long term work hard from home in a steady pay…I guess will see what the future hold. But Thank you for providing these comments. They are great.

  22. Carlo Borja on the 21st May

    Hi guys,

    We’ve compiled a comprehensive list that the audience here would probably be interested:

    The list shows 38+ work from home job sites that definitely will not scam you. It’s updated and you might find it helpful. 🙂

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