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From reading the posts and comments throughout WorkAwesome, it seems that a common complaint of many of the writers and readers is a lack of time. Hopefully this is because you are too busy with work and raking in the financial benefits that come with this.  Perhaps you’ve got a busy life – and you can use some tips to save time doing the things you don’t enjoy, so you can spend more time doing the things you’d rather be doing.  Or, maybe you really enjoy your World of Warcraft – but your spouse would rather you do a few things before you go dragon hunting.

So – here are a few ways to save time in your day.


I found this great site – NoTimeToCook – complete with quick videos so you know what it should look like as you go. (Check out the Ghetto Tamale – a Doritos and ramen noodle masterpiece)


This Squidoo lens gives some easy tips to keep your home clean –  but my preference is to hire someone.  They can do it faster, better, and cheaper than you can.  If you are billing out at $25 per hour, and it takes you 4 hours per week to keep your house clean (yeah – right!) – I can almost guarantee that you can find someone close by that can do a better job, in half the time, for $20 per hour at most.  Unless you need it as an excuse as to why you didn’t get your project done on time!


Apparently there are people out there that find yard work fun. I also understand there is therapy for them.  For the rest of us, here’s a list of tips to use to make it as enjoyable as possible.  If you have to have a yard, try and design it to be as low maintenance as possible.  Or have kids, but that sounds like a much more expensive option.

I am currently using my free time to spend finding ways to work less and enjoy life more.  Check out Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week – and stop wasting time on things you don’t like to do.

What are you doing to find more time to commit to your passion, vocation, or vice?

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  1. Nice, short 3 tips.

    Sometimes, the smaller things in our lives can make all the difference.

    I will not be able to find more time unless I take action.

    I try to work smart, that is make technology work for me, by using as many automated things that I can to do my work in less time.

    But I have not yet concentrated on these tips that you mentioned.

    • Jason Finnerty on the 11th June

      Hi Nabeel

      Yes – I like to try and find ways to make my work day easier – but there’s no reason why this can’t be applied to your home life.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Jens P. Berget on the 11th June

    I’ve been reading The 4 Hour Work Week as well, and I have received some interesting tips. Now, I do things in batches, like checking my email. It works great.

    I always seem to have little time to cook, but the problem is the planning. I don’t have little time to cook, if I just planned the meal ahead of time. The same goes for yardwork and cleaning. I always plan everything when it comes to work, but when it comes to other things I never seem to plan 🙂

    • Jason Finnerty on the 11th June

      It’s funny Jens,
      we focus so hard on getting through the workday, but we rarely apply this to the other 16hrs.

      Took a look at your blog – wow! excellent stuff there. the 10 FB articles might be a good piece for WorkAwesome – you should pitch it to them

      Loving the 4hr work week – looking forward to actioning it soon.

      email if you want to chat about it


  3. John Paul Aguiar on the 11th June

    Yardwork,, the best 15$ I spend each week to the kid that cuts my grass..lol

  4. Tony @ NoTimeToCook.com on the 12th June

    Hey, thanks for the mention Jason. Great blog you have here! Keep up the great work. I am a huge fan of productivity gurus like David Allen (www.davidco.com) and Jason Womack (www.womackcompany.com).

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