5 Techniques to Have a Productive Day Everyday

Have a Productive Day

No matter who you are, what you do and where you live, you will have challenges, obstacles, glories, triumphs and failures along the course of life. Life is a roller coaster ride, nothing is smooth and certain and one important thing is to learn your own psychology or your way of looking at things.

The key thing many of us tend to forget is that life is not just about winning or losing but it is more important to live the moment, cherish it and enjoy each day to its fullest. Your job, your responsibilities, priorities, challenges, deadlines are just the details — what matters more is whether the soul is at peace and enjoying the journey as life moves along.

So how do you make each day productive? Make each day count and achieve little or great things that matter? How do you plan a productivity mindset and do your best to ensure that your day goes as planned?

Here are 5 ways how to have a productive day:

1. Well-begun is half-done

Wake up early, probably just after sunrise. I know many of you are night owls, who prefer working late until night and wake up late. But scientifically, this is not at all a good practice and drains your overall productivity to a great extent. Many studies reveal that morning birds are more creative, energetic and motivated than night owls because the human body and mind can resonate more energy if it aligns itself to the cycle of Sun – the supreme source of energy in our solar system.

Right after waking up, drink 2 full glasses of water. Avoid caffeine, 2 full glasses of fresh cold water in one shot and take a deep breath.

Next, help yourself with some exercise. If you can, go outdoors for a brisk walk or jog for some time. If you have time constraints, do it for 15 minutes but don’t avoid it altogether. A little exercise in the morning is great for your nervous system and it actually helps you recharge the muscle between your ears.

2. Spend more time in the shower

Unlike ladies, men have this tendency to finish the shower as quickly as possible. Shower is that time of the day when you are completely alone, no one to disturb you and your body receives a cool breeze of water from top to bottom. It cleans your body, you can feel the energy and remain calm at the same time.

While you have your shower, think of all the good things you have and think of the things and events you are grateful for. Think of all your achievements and feel good about it. Feeling good is the first step towards doing good.

3. Eat a proper breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal for the entire day; it is that time of the day when your body needs energy and nutrients after a long time. A balanced and healthy breakfast makes available all the energy, vitamins and minerals your body can use as an ignition for the rest of the day.

Many people have a habit of rushing through their breakfasts, munching snacks, coffee and letting it go as sophomorically as possible. Later in the afternoon, they wonder why their body slumps, why they feel sleepy after lunch and why the daily commute to office is so tiring. This is because you did not give your body the fuel it needs, how can the mind be at peace when your body is deprived? A healthy mind first needs a healthy body and ignoring your breakfast is not a productive habit.

4. Stay away from negatives — thoughts, people and actions

Now that your day has started, the next thing to do is control the inflow and outflow of thoughts. Thoughts shape our action and action shapes our future, so you have to be careful of what you think.

Have a meeting or a PowerPoint presentation you are tensed about? Don’t let fear creep in — the more you are tensed and feel bad about it, the more negatives you will attract and they just might spoil your productivity. Have a swollen nose? Do not complain, get over it and focus on something else.

Every action you take in the morning radiates a frequency in your world, so if you radiate negative thoughts and actions, you will find it difficult to be productive and positive. Even your spoken words should bring positive energy.

For example, instead of saying “Don’t close the door that way”, say “Close the door slowly”. The first sentence has a “Don’t” which radiates negative energy. The second one is more constructive and gives a positive direction.

Likewise, avoid people who sound complaining and condemning; stay away from people and gossip stations that discuss negative thoughts, events or actions.

5. Do what makes you happy, and be proud for it

Ask yourself: “What are the things I love to do at work? What is the most exciting thing that you like to do every day, without thinking of the result? Do it. Remember, we are what we repeatedly do.

Most people are not proud of their work and they keep wondering why they aren’t happy. If you don’t like what you’re doing for a living, why do it anyway? Go do something worthwhile, which makes you happy and proud.

Remember, productivity is a state of mind, your mind must lift itself to that zone, which is impossible if you’re not proud of who you are and not happy of what you do.

How do you have a productive day? Love to hear your tips below!

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This post was written by Lior Levin who is a marketing consultant to a company that developed a Jquery RSS tool, and he also works with Ily, the family phone company.


  1. Mr Picasso on the 20th February

    I suggest instead of taking a longer shower, sitting quietly (in meditation if you want) for 10 min to “think of all the good things you have and think of the things and events you are grateful for. Think of all your achievements and feel good about it.” Reducing your shower time will reduce your carbon footprint and conserve water. That’s something to feel good about.

  2. Warren on the 21st February

    I tend to have been up and working for at least two hours by the time the sun peeks it’s head over the horizon, and I find that extra time is alot like the shower time you mentioned. “Alone time”. Most of the people around me don’t get moving for a couple of hours and I find that time to be some of my most productive throughout the day.
    Some great tips here. I skip the water and the breakfast (and yes, have the coffee) but do try and start the day drinking this horrible concoction my wife makes out of fruit and vegetables. (I’m guessing mostly vegetables!) 🙂

  3. Belinda Summers on the 22nd February

    As workers we really need to be productive everyday but can’t help sometimes that you struggle to accomplish something or finish everyhting before the day ends. I agree with these tips. As practiced, every morning before my shift starts I make my To-Do List from the top priority one ang this is proven to be very effective. 🙂

  4. Cubicle on the 25th February

    Any ideas on making the second half of the day more productive? I am good to go most mornings. Well, to at least get organizing stuff done. After lunch is always far more difficult no matter how good I feel.

  5. Jeannea Spence on the 26th February

    Great tips! I think taking the advice of #4 increases my productivity the most. Stay away from Energy Vampires! 🙂

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