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How Ocean Swimming Helped My Personal Goals

Several times in my career I found myself wondering why, despite putting in hard work and long hours, I wasn’t getting more out of it. The reason things weren’t moving as fast as I would like them to was usually related to my personal goals I set, or more appropriately, my consistency in sticking with them.

But when I set out to learn what others did to manage their goals, all I got was a bunch of corporate buzzwords that didn’t resonate with me. In this post I describe a useful analogy that helped me stay grounded. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Manage Time & Follow Through on Your Goals

Manage time and follow through

Several years ago, I moved to Silicon Valley to pursue a healthcare-related postgraduate degree. The first six months or so of school was the most rigorous academic experience I’ve ever had. Forty plus hours in the classroom per week plus study time crammed into short quarters was much more than I could handle.

After things started lightening up a bit, I began expanding my horizons in the local area. I started meeting people who were young like me, but working at some of the local famous tech companies. It seemed like everyone was incredibly busy at work but were always making time to meet with other people to talk about startup companies. Click Here to Read Article …

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Using the SMART Goals Program in Your Workflow

SMART Goals Program

After you graduate from college and join the workforce, you will begin to develop your own unique workflow. While this workflow will be shaped in part by your preferences, it will also depend on the nature of your work and your company’s deadlines.

You will be accountable for working within these parameters, so you must find a consistent, comfortable workflow that maximizes your productivity and meets your company’s standards. By using the SMART goals program as a guide, you can develop a workflow that is beneficial to both you and your employer. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Set Goals

For years I was a mentor in a teen mentoring program, and at the beginning of every semester we’d set goals. This was one of the hardest meetings of the year – attendance was poor, the kids were unruly, and there was a higher-than-usual level of whining going on.

It was a challenge, because the kids always wanted to set goals like get “straight A’s”, even though most of them were lucky to have a C average. And then as soon as we asked them what they were going to do differently to change the outcome, the conversation got really awkward. Click Here to Read Article …

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Goal Setting: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This year is still relatively “new”, so you’ll find that people have not yet stopped talking about goals and resolutions. However, we’re also at the time of year when the enthusiasm about all that stuff starts to wane.

So, to get you back into the goal setting (and executing) mode, I thought I’d point your attention towards an interesting article by Web Worker Daily that discusses 3 goal setting tips that don’t work — and then offers 3 that do.

It’s an interesting post because it dares to contradict some very common goal setting tips, while  presenting a counter-argument as to why each of the common tips aren’t really all that useful. Furthermore, it tells you what you should do instead.
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Smart Goals: Put Objectives in Writing for Better Goal Setting

It seems like a silly exercise at first.

Of course, you know that your goal is to be successful. However, what does success actually mean?  Most people don’t know how to set goals. Less than half of today’s corporate workers could answer that question with what their specific personal and professional goals are.  Try it for yourself. Write down five specific goals you wish to accomplish over the next month. Then write down five goals you wish to accomplish over the next year. What about what you plan to accomplish over the next five years? Do all your goals align with one another?
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The Power of Preparedness

With the end of the year rapidly approaching (I know – seems just like yesterday that we were ringing it in) pretty much everyone is taking into account what he or she did achieve in the year speeding by and what he or she hopes to achieve in the one speeding towards us. The time of year is upon us where we take stock on we’ve got and (some of us) fill stockings hoping to give someone something they haven’t got.

(Personally, I’m hoping for a nice LiveScribe pen in my stocking, so I’m hoping I haven’t been too naughty this year…)
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