How to Get the Salary You Deserve

Get the Salary You Deserve

In an economy where many workers are just happy to have jobs, it doesn’t mean you always have to settle for a below par salary just in order to have work.

As many individuals who have been laid off and/or accepted jobs at a less than desired salary have discovered the last few years, working in today’s economy often times means more work and less money. If you decide to take issue with and even complain about the wages you are receiving, you may very well end up not being employed for too long.

With that in mind, how can those seeking work and those seeking a higher salary at the job they already have make their case for better wages?

Here are some ways to get the salary you deserve:

1. Speak up

First and foremost, speak up. In many cases, workers are afraid to speak up over the fear that it could cost them their job. While there are definitely some bosses who will look negatively upon speaking up, others will take it as a sign that the employee wants to continue on with the company; they just need a little bit more money to meet their bills. If you never bring the subject up, you will never know what the outcome may have been.

2. Be professional

Holding an employer hostage over such an issue never works. Do not go into the discussion with the idea that it is your way or the highway when it comes to seeking a pay increase. Find a time that is conducive for both you and your manager to discuss the matter in a calm setting. Don’t do it first thing on a Monday morning or last thing on a Friday afternoon when the minds of your boss and/or company owner are on other things.

3. State your case

Once you have the ear of the person who can make or break your pay increase, provide them with more than the typical reason you are seeking additional money.

Just going into the meeting and saying you need more money to pay bills really isn’t going to cut it. Talk with the person in charge about how you have proven yourself over these recent months or years, why you want to continue working with the company, and what you feel is a fair pay increase. Make sure you point out how you have helped move the business forward from the day you started right up to this point, and be specific about how your actions have been positively impactful.

4. Accept the decision

If you don’t get the raise you want, don’t be a baby about how you handle the decision. While you are more than free to look for another job, don’t suddenly lessen your effort at work, become withdrawn from your coworkers and boss, and essentially throw in the towel until you find another gig. Always be professional, for just because you didn’t get the raise now, does not mean it will not be coming your way at some point.

5. Learn from experience

Finally, just as you should always learn from every job interview that you go on, educate yourself each time you have a serious discussion with a manager or owner regarding your performance and money. Maybe you did not make your case strongly enough? Were you not prepared for such a discussion? Perhaps the time to ask for a raise was wrong? Always grow from the experience, knowing that your day will come sooner rather than later.

Got more tips to get the salary you deserve? share with us in the comments!

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  1. HireMeHigherEd on the 19th February

    It is important to always have a plan when asking for a raise. If you follow all of the above steps, ask for a raise in which you feel completely justified and have proof to back it up, and you are still turned down, it is time to start looking for a new job.

  2. Luís Felipe on the 19th February

    nice tips.
    Recently i tried to a raise that does not was what i asked. And the number four was fitted to me.
    thanks for sharing your experiences

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