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How to Approach a Job Search After a Lay-off

Job Search After a Lay-off

It’s usually really easy to spot: the nervous jitters as he talks about his most recent position, the disdain he is clearly trying to hide about his supervisor or colleagues, the glossing over of the actual job conclusion.

By the time I ask, “so what prompted you to leave” or “what brings you in today,” I can almost recite the words that always include “laid-off”, “let go”, “downsizing”,  “bad manager”, etc.

As a career coach, I encounter a myriad of clients who have a gap in their employment history.  Typically these clients address this issue with me in one of two ways.

They either shy away from the topic (think example above) to avoid mentioning it until half way through the appointment  — after the resume review — or they bring it up immediately and we spend the better part of an hour talking about this event that has defined them for the past several months of their job search. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Get the Salary You Deserve

Get the Salary You Deserve

In an economy where many workers are just happy to have jobs, it doesn’t mean you always have to settle for a below par salary just in order to have work.

As many individuals who have been laid off and/or accepted jobs at a less than desired salary have discovered the last few years, working in today’s economy often times means more work and less money. If you decide to take issue with and even complain about the wages you are receiving, you may very well end up not being employed for too long. Click Here to Read Article …

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