Breaking Bad Habits

Habits aren’t always bad, but the word just seems to conjure up thoughts of things that aren’t particularly good for us.  There are “challenges” all over the web that try to help you break these habits but there are also those that try to instill good ones.  These challenges can come with weekly or monthly timelines (such as 30 Days of Creativity or the Jerry Seinfeld-inspired Don’t Break The Chain), and even make you accountable to not just yourself but others as well (The Power of Less Challenge would be an example of this).

What bad habit would you like to break?  What good habit would you like to begin?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Crystal on the 2nd June

    In the stress of the day to day work environment it’s easy to forget that our habits can be holding us back, even if other people think they’re good habits.

    In admitting mine, hopefully, I will remember to change them in to good habits.

    Bad Habit – Not saying no/rescuing co-workers

    Although I have only “one” manager, I receive direction from numerous people and have trouble saying no to requests, even ones that are not a priority. Partially because I’m new and felt like i had to prove myself and my capabilities, and partially because a lot of co-workers need some rescuing. I work in a political environment and if the elected members I’m hired to support are not doing their job, it reflects poorly on me more than them.

    New Habit – Saying no/Boundaries

    Being a “yes” person and consistently rescuing is creating work load stress and not show casing my abilities because I’m spending a lot of time doing other people’s jobs.

    Conclusion – Make myself and my work a priority.

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