Rockstar Presentations: Tips, Techniques and Terrible Truths — Out Now!

Rockable Press has just released Rockstar Presentations: Tips, Techniques and Terrible Truths by author Joseph Lewis. Only $15 in PDF format and $19 for the paperback, this book will guide you through everything you need to know to get started in the world of presentation-giving and hone your skills as an engaging speaker.

Lewis is an experienced writer and veteran of presentations, and is one of our own WorkAwesome writers since launch who has posted regularly on the subject of delivering effective presentations.

Hit the break for more about the book.

From the back blurb:

In Rockstar Presentations, author Joseph Lewis shares tips, tricks and wisdom on public speaking with no fear, no cue cards and no worries!

Whether you’re giving a blockbuster keynote or teaching a handful of co-workers how to do something cool, this book was written for you.

You’ll learn:

  • Why everything you’ve heard about avoiding stage fright is wrong
  • How not to fail at PowerPoint
  • The secret techniques separating awesome presenters from the rest
  • How you can use the same strategies employed by Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill to give great presentations


There’s 138 pages of distilled knowledge in this book, but we haven’t stopped there: we’ve thrown in three PowerPoint presentation templates, created by Lewis, to get you jumpstarted on the road to effective presentations.

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  1. Mike on the 23rd May

    I just bought the hard copy, but you’d actually ultimately save your hard-copy customers $3, if you increased the cost of your book to $19.95 (to qualify for the free shipping offer on LuLu). At $19, your book is just under their threshold, and so we end up paying $23 in the end. I’d rather give the extra few bucks to Envato than the middle man.

  2. Joseph Truro on the 24th September

    Or save the entire price by not buying at all. Who needs another collection of slogans?

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