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Podcast 24 – Podcasting Passion with Myke Hurley

On this episode of the Work Awesome podcast, outgoing Podcast Prodigy Mike Vardy chats with a man of many podcasts, Myke Hurley.

Mike is the man behind The Podcasting Project, which is the hub for the podcasts he is involved with (including Enough: The Minimal Mac Podcast, which he co-hosts with past Work Awesome podcast guest Patrick Rhone).

Along with the number of podcasts that Myke is involved in, he manages to work a full time day job — and the discussion on this episode revolves a lot around how one can fuel their passion while still working a job 40+ hours a week.
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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 15 – Adam Lisagor

Our guest on this week’s episode of the WorkAwesome podcast is Adam Lisagor. Adam has a lot on the go, including developing iPhone apps (like Birdhouse with Cameron Hunt), being involved in a couple of podcasting projects (You Look Nice Today with Scott Simpson and Merlin Mann) and acting as what some may call as a “reluctant” pitchman for products such as Square and Flipboard.

But what Adam primarily does is make video. Really good video. With clients that include the aforementioned Square and Flipboard, he also has created some great spots for Jawbone’s JAMBOX and Peel. Adam’s videos don’t really feel like commercials, which is what may have led to a steady stream of work over the past few years. WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy has more of a discussion than an “interview” with Adam about things like workflow, how he keeps on top of all that he has going on, and his particular drink of choice. (Hint: it’s not coffee, tea, or soda…)
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The Hard Work Cure

“I would have to work hard tomorrow. Work could cure almost anything, I believed then, and I believe it now.”
— Ernest Hemingway

Hard work is many things. We live in a complicated, fast world, surrounded by distractions. Getting down to work can be a way to free yourself of all things extraneous. It can be a stress reliever, a form of meditation. Conversely, it can be punishment for enjoying yourself too much the night before. Whatever the reason, hard work is tunnel vision. While you’re working, the only thing that exists is you and the light at the end.

The quote at the beginning of this article is from A Moveable Feast, a narrative account of Hemingway’s time as a poor young writer living in Paris. The book is filled with advice on living, on writing, and on the importance of discipline and hard work.  It also contains stories about his friends and contemporaries. But this quote in particular stuck with me — because I believe it, too.

When we embrace hard work, we find an immense release in it. At the end of the day and when work is over, the world returns and we are free to enjoy it. Now we can go where we please. Our feet feel light, our heads feel empty, our stomachs feel hungry. Another day of hard work has cured us of whatever burden we started the morning with.
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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 9 – Dan Benjamin

This week’s episode features an interview with Dan Benjamin of the Internet broadcasting network 5by5. This relatively new network features shows that involve not only Dan himself, but other well known “Internetians” such as John Gruber (Daring Fireball), Marco Arment (Instapaper), Jeffrey Zeldman (A List Apart) and Merlin Mann (43 Folders).
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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 4 – Brett Kelly

This week’s podcast features an interview with Brett Kelly of Bridging the Nerd Gap and author of the popular ebook, Evernote Essentials. Brett has been a part of the productivity scene on the web for years now, with a myriad of blogs and projects to his credit. Brett and WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy discuss the use of Evernote in terms of a productive workflow, what features of Evernote often go under-utilized and what he feels is the best coffee maker there is.

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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 3

This week’s episode of the WorkAwesome Podcast features an interview with Nathan Hangen and Oleg Mokhov. These two gentlemen who not only have their own ventures that they foster on a daily basis, such as Nathan’s Building Digital Empires site and Oleg’s own site Mokhov.com, but they have forged a partnership with two projects: SoundTrackster (a site that offers “royalty-free music that doesn’t suck”) and BlueRize, which offers electronic music and podcasts that are a serve to energize entrepreneurs.
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