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Episode 18 – Jason Womack: Work Awesome Podcast

On this week’s episode of the Work Awesome podcast (the first under new ownership, I might add), we start a new era. A new theme will greet listeners as they tune in, but a familiar voice can still be heard as host.

I continue my journey with this site in my new role as Podcast Prodigy, and every other week the Work Awesome podcast will bring tips, tricks, interviews and more. This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Jason Womack, noted productivity expert and author. Jason is one of the principals at The Womack Company, a company that aims to help those in all walks of business (and in life) “level up” their productivity.

Jason recently inked a book deal with Wiley Publishing, and his first book under its banner, Your Best Just Got Better, will hit bookshelves later in 2011.
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Who Is Your Mentor?

There are some things that you knew how to do from the moment you arrived on this planet.  Eating – yup, sleeping – yup, and a few other related “projects”.  But for everything else you do, you had to learn by watching or listening to someone else.  You might have done this as a child, watching your parents make funny noises until you realized it was their own language.  Or you might have learned this as a teenager, learning how to drive a car with the help of a very patient parent or a professional instructor. Click Here to Read Article …

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