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Using Multiple Twitter Accounts

If you use one Twitter account for both personal and professional reasons listen up. There is no reason, with the technology we have at our fingertips, to have just one account. In fact, it can be downright inappropriate.

Let me give you an example: I follow a woman who works in economic development. She is an acquaintance of mine and I follow her because of who she is professionally because it pertains to my job as the editor of a regional magazine. While she tweets about the goings-on in her city in a professional manner, she also tweets about her personal life. And nothing bothers me more. Click Here to Read Article …

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Tips on Managing Your Intern

I recently wrote a post about how to hire an intern. Now that you’ve got a willing, able and capable intern, what do you do with them? As their manager you need to provide them with stuff to do, especially at first when they’re still figuring out what their routine will be.

Remember, an intern isn’t just someone you can use to fetch your coffee or pick up your dry cleaning. They’re working for you (probably for free) in order to learn something valuable. It’s up to you as their manager to help them get the most out of their time at your company.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself before your interns first day on the job: Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Hire an Intern

Hiring an intern for your business should not be a task that is taken lightly—as anyone who has had the intern from hell will tell you. The reason small businesses, like the one I work for, hires interns is to improve our profitability. Interns are free labor.

Besides being cheap, interns are also eager to work and learn and bring a young, vibrant vibe into your office. That is, if you know how to hire an intern correctly. The effort you put in to hiring an intern directly corresponds to your return on investment. Who knows? Perhaps your new intern will end up becoming your next full-time hire.

If you are lucky enough to have interns banging down your door, then your job is easy. If you have to reach out to the local community to find interns, here are some ideas on where to start: Click Here to Read Article …

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Internet Etiquette for Vacationers

My boyfriend Shane and I recently went on vacation with my parents. It was a laid-back camping trip in Quebec, Canada.  We were 20 minutes outside of Quebec City, rife with campfires and Scrabble matches.

Incidentally, Shane doesn’t go anywhere without his MacBook and iPhone, and a family vacation was no exception to the rule–no matter what my parents thought. Click Here to Read Article …

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Real Life Organizing

If you could see my desk you would be mortified. I have magazines, empty Diet Coke cans, and photos scattered everywhere. My computer screen is framed in sticky notes. I have a screwdriver and a couple of chapsticks around here somewhere…

Andy Rooney himself said that the messier the desk, the more productive the person. And I agree. I am very messy. And productive.

No one taught me how to organize. I do what is best for me—and it works. I can’t tell you how to best organize your workspace, but I can offer you some suggestions that have helped me be able to manage my workflow, which includes editing two monthly magazines, a yearly wedding magazine, social media outlets for all three, and whatever else gets thrown in my direction—including an intern or two. Click Here to Read Article …

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