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Want to Seem Smart? Don’t Try

how to look smarter

Have you ever tried throwing in a few big words during a job interview or meeting in the hopes that it would make you seem smarter?

If you were lucky, your imaginative use of synonyms got you the job or earned you the respect of your coworkers.

But it’s more likely that you were left feeling slightly foolish and have since banished words like verisimilitude or pusillanimous from your everyday vocabulary.

So why is this?

Contrary to the popular notion that using bigger words can make us sound smarter, research shows that the more effort we put into looking smart, the less intelligent we’ll actually appear to those around us. Click Here to Read Article …

7 Job Search Tips for Introverts

introvert careers

The question that bothers many, if not all, introverts, is this:

How can you maximize your chances of lucrative employment with the hurdles caused by your personality?

While some may feel discouraged, many realize that instead of losing hope they can create success.

You are wrong if you think that you will be left behind in the race for success just because you are an introvert.

There are millions like you enjoying the job they’ve always dreamed of. Click Here to Read Article …

5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

There are many things you should probably never ask at a job interview, like if they have a drug testing policy, do background checks or how many sick days you get.

But there are also some questions that might help you find out a little more about the job you’re applying for and others that might actually help you get the job.

So the next time you’re heading to a job interview, here are five questions you should ask: Click Here to Read Article …

6 Job Search Tips to Fill an Employment Gap

When you’re searching for a job, the fact that you’re currently unemployed might weigh on you as you consider what potential employers will think about the time you’ve spent out of the workforce.

If you’re out of work and want to demonstrate you’ve spent your time wisely during that period, there are several things you can do.

Here are six job search tips that can help you use your employment gap to your advantage. Click Here to Read Article …

Can Good Looks Get You the Job?

In today’s job market, it is worth considering every advantage one can muster in order to increase one’s chances of landing a job. Study after study on factors considered by potential employers has indicated that one of the characteristics that is most valued and considered by employers is the level of confidence in the job candidate.

It is a simple fact of life that looking more confident can increase one’s chances of success, as people appear to be naturally drawn to people who exude confidence; this may be the reason behind the oft quoted maxim “fake it till you make it.” What may also be true is that having a good looks and physical appearance may lead to people having more confidence when they apply to jobs in any field, and that greater confidence may also translate into greater odds at landing a given job. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Manage Career Transition Stress

There’s no two ways about it. No matter what the reason for the change, the career transition process can be stressful.

When my former company shut down, I had been there for 5 years.  I woke up one day with nowhere to go.  This period of “limbo” was great for a short while.  It was an unexpected opportunity to finally relax and enjoy not having somewhere to be everyday at 7:00 am.  I travelled, caught up with old friends and colleagues.  Oh, and I planned my wedding. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Succeed at a Job Interview

When confronted with the scrutiny of selection interviews, many of us feel threatened, embarrassed, uptight, overwhelmed by emotion and totally uncomfortable. It’s not easy to accept a perfect stranger dig intrusively in the world of your experience, aspirations and dreams, even if it’s meant to be just a neuter discussion about career issues.

However, it’s good to know that butterflies in the stomach are not a pre-requisite to a hiring interview. Here are some tips & tricks to avoid recruitment traps and turn a ghastly encounter in a friendly chat. Click Here to Read Article …

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The Netsetter: Interview with Danielle LaPorte

The Netsetter: Interview with Danielle LaPorte

On this week’s installment of The Netsetter at WorkAwesome, Thursday Bram talks with Danielle LaPorte, who is a well-known writer, speaker and business/strategic advisor. Danielle’s a very busy woman with a lot of things on the go – we’re glad she was able to take the time to speak with us recently.

Click Here to Read Article …

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