Finding the Value of Work

Finding the right way to manage time opens up many opportunities with your personal wealth, but you can’t get money without putting in the work necessary to earn it. That is where the value of work starts, although it doesn’t tell the complete story.

What Would You Do If You Didn’t Work?

There is an idea that if you did not have to work you could do what you really wanted. Hobbies, sports and even finding love. All of the things that you now have more time to do would finally be within your grasp. The dream of investing in multiple stocks and becoming a millionaire would be a reality. The reality is that you can have all of these things with the proper work ethic. Hard work doesn’t prevent you from doing the things you want. Instead, it provides you with the funds necessary to do all of the things you want. You exchange your time for money, and you then use that money to get the things you want.

This isn’t some weird ‘gotcha’ like microtransactions that give you a sense of accomplishment. The phrase “learning the value of a dollar” won’t make sense unless you spend time working towards something you want. A good example is investments, which can gain you a lot of money by being smart with your decision-making. Iraqi Currency has been brought up as an option for young investors that want to get into the game. It is one of many ways to extend the worth of your hard-earned money without investing more time into making it.

If you value your time, then you should invest it more wisely in working so that you can always have the things you want out of life. Shortcuts are optional, but everyone knows that work will always be the best way to make money.

Career Or Job?

But the question remains, why should you value hard work? Even if you don’t have any hobbies, sports or other activities, work is about more things than making money. It is a social activity that instantly connects you to billions of people worldwide. This is exactly why businesses have incorporated mandatory team activities into work schedules. It isn’t some grunt level punishment, and it happens at even the highest levels of business. The same cashier complaining about having to go to a work meeting is no different than the director of finance rolling his eyes at a quarterly meeting. Networking is a major part of why work is important to people. You find friends, associates, new jobs, careers and sometimes even life partners at work. For some people, work is the only thing that gets them out of the house.

The big divide on when work becomes important is always discussed when looking at the difference between a career and a job. A person with a career is more likely to appreciate work than a person with a job. This isn’t a guarantee, but it shows the major difference between giving your work purpose and working just to make money. The person that gives their work purpose gives priority to his or her time, thus managing it more effectively than everyone else. Think about that the next time you complain about work, and try to see if you’re talking about your position at work or your current work-related tasks.

There Is Value In Work

Not liking what you do is not a reason to find less value in work. But it is a reason to question if that particular job is the best use of your time. Work is about the social interaction, taking responsibility for your finances and of course contributing to society. The only way to be independent and make it on your own is by utilizing your time properly. Stay away from doing work as a temporary measure and instead find something that falls in line with your personal wants. In places like Qatar and Cambodia, job choice is limited. That means that working in countries like that is a waste of time for millions of people that prioritize their work-related wants. If you live in a place with work opportunities that align with your goals, take advantage of them so that you can learn the value of work. It is never too late to make a change that affects your life forever.


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