17 Awesome PowerPoint & Keynote Presentation Templates

One of the keys to success in any endeavor is having the right tools and knowing how to use them to maximum effect. And one of the best ways to use any tool is to have an expert take care of the fine tuning. Graphic design – whether for Web sites, t-shirts, or presentations – is no exception.

In this article, we’ve assembled a gallery of PowerPoint and Keynote presentation templates available from GraphicRiver that range from classic to modern, and from simply cool to smoking hot. So if you’re not in the business of designing templates, you might want to consider using one of these.

12 PowerPoint Templates

Simply click on an image to visit GraphicRiver and view more samples from that template. Note that some of them feature animation.

Want a recommendation? I really like this first one:

5 Keynote Templates

Again, just click on an image to see more samples from that template.

You can find these and many more templates at GraphicRiver.

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  1. Tanja on the 9th December

    Wow that’s awesome! Thanks a lot!

  2. Omar Guerrero on the 10th December

    Next time it’ll be awesome to post free presentation templates

  3. Tom Toley on the 10th December

    Nice templates, I really like the Bonsai Media one!

  4. Dels on the 10th December

    too bad they are not free :D, but it’s always good for inspiration

    • Nathan on the 7th March

      That’s what I was thinking; these are a good reference for when I have to make my own.

    • Craig on the 20th January

      You people are hilarious…if you’d rather design your own than spend $4-6 then your time can’t be worth that much.

  5. C. Jara on the 10th December

    Amazing work! :O

  6. Srinivas Tamada on the 10th December

    Very Nice….. Great post

  7. Tom on the 10th December

    Great templates 🙂

  8. BillyN on the 7th March

    I just clicked on one of your templates, and after a pretty long wait (my mouse froze for some reason), I got a pop-up alerting me that my internet needed to close???? What’s wrong; if anything?
    By the way, this is my first visit here, I am enjoying this site and its links.

  9. Mike on the 8th March

    Wonderful help for my new sales pitches.
    Many thanks.

  10. mrjuls on the 16th June

    Thanks for these templates. Too bad they’re not free, but that’s not so expensive.

  11. Peter Hansen on the 19th March

    Thank you man!!

  12. 24hbestprice on the 25th August

    Nice templates, I like Grungy Templates.

  13. terryn on the 20th November

    I saw a keynote presentation where the presenter had what looked like a map and for each slide she would zoom into the map and present the slide – at the end it zoomed out again to see the whole map – it also had some great transitions built in – anyone know how she did this or where available? It might be a transition in keynote….not sure…thanks in advance.

  14. daxx on the 1st January

    These all look like PowerPoint

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  16. james on the 22nd February

    Here is another great presentation service

  17. Ajay Jaiswal on the 10th September

    another great website: http://slideshop.com/

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