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Bad Bosses: They Cause More Than Just Headaches

what makes a good boss

Regardless if you work in a local chicken shack or a Fortune 500 company, a bad boss can ruin the entire experience for you single-handedly.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy the work or not, a bad boss will seemingly go out of their way to undermine you at every step, undo a whole day’s work in the blink of an eye and sap the morale out of everyone they come across.

Even if the employee tries to make the best of it, dealing with a bad boss can become a tedious chore that never seems to end.

It has been cited that bad treatment from their boss and a hostile work environment are the number one reasons why employees leave. Click Here to Read Article …

8 Ways to Get Motivated When You Have a Bad Boss

It seems in the wonderful world of work there’s always a trade-off. You love the location, but the commute sucks. The pay is great, but the hours are gruelling. In a perfect world you could choose your “options” like amenities that come with a new car or a newly constructed home.

Yet just because you work in less than ideal conditions, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your work day and survive the insanity. Particularly, a supervisor who works your nerves and wreaks havoc with your peace of mind. Click Here to Read Article …

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