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7 Secrets to Dealing with Difficult Customers

Regardless of the industry we work in, most of us, at one point or another, have had experiences dealing with difficult customers or clients.

For me this means fielding countless emails and phone calls from customers with unreasonable requests and constantly handling complaints for things that are entirely out of my control.

Pair the frustration of these things with a client or customer who is rude or overly demanding, and that can be a recipe for disaster – but only if I let it reach that point.

Instead, I’ve learned to follow a few simple rules in order to keep my sanity intact and keep those I’m dealing with feeling heard and satisfied with the results. The following are 7 tips on how to deal with difficult customers. Click Here to Read Article …

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8 Useful Tasks When Business is Slow

There is no getting around that all business, no matter products or service, is cyclical in nature with both busy and down periods.  Busy periods take care of themselves and you will likely be juggling many balls in the air. Slow periods are trying as you watch profits fall due to non-productivity.

However, slow periods can be a great time to reposition your company for growth during the next boom cycle. Below are 8 useful tasks that will help your business take maximum advantage of the next uptick. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Offer an Awesome Customer Support

In an ideal world, your customers would communicate with you only during business hours. They would peruse your website before calling you about anything, and place online orders – which you’d gleefully fill while enjoying your morning coffee. You’d never get a crabby email clearly demanding customer support, and you could disconnect your phones.

Unfortunately, the ideal world is far from reality. Your customers are anywhere in the world. They have questions about everything, including things that you’ve painstakingly outlined on your website. They’ll email you when you are closed and leave you a needy voicemail before you’ve had the opportunity to respond. Then, while you’re solving the problem, your Live Chat window will pop open, demanding your immediate attention. Click Here to Read Article …