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What Freelancers Can Learn From TV Characters


Freelancers have to be people of tremendous character — our own decisions rule our destiny.

Freelancing means more self-motivation, creating our own atmosphere and learning on the job .

They say art imitates life, but I’ve heard the opposite as well.

There is plenty of art we could look to, but who doesn’t love a little television?

Here’s a look at some life lessons to take — and leave — from some of our favorite TV characters, past and present. Click Here to Read Article …

The Benefits of Working With Inspired People


When I was hired on at a company I had never dreamed would look twice at me, I was immediately inspired to jump in headfirst. I worked tirelessly to make a good impression and help improve the product we were selling.

The inspiration I had stemmed from the newness of the situation and the pride I had in myself and my work. But that newness, the excitement that comes from tackling an unfamiliar project, quickly wore off.

So what was the biggest motivation suck? Coworkers that were uninspired and unmotivated to keep working towards something better, something we could all be proud to have our names on. Click Here to Read Article …

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Inspirational Quotes for Work

Do inspirational quotes affect your daily life? Do you surround yourself with them in your cubicle or work space? I have found that being constantly surrounded by quotes is something that helps me get by, especially when I’m not having a real motivating day. Inspirational quotes for work are, of course, just words. But if you heed what they have to say, they could aid you in your working and personal life. Click Here to Read Article …
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What’s Your Favorite Motivational Quote?

Getting productive – and awesomely so – isn’t easy by any means.  Some people use music to get them going; some people use a combination of the aforementioned with a Diet Coke.

A popular way to get clear and then get going is through the inspiration that comes from motivational quotes.

Do you use motivational quotes to get moving?  What are some of your favorites? Click Here to Read Article …

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