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8 Things Not to Do in the Office

things not to do in office

Professionalism calls for self-discipline and abstinence from certain things that are counterproductive for your work environment. A professional astutely gauges his or her responsibilities and maintains high level of loyalty and sincerity towards their workplace.

The following list of behavioral patterns will affect your workplace immensely, and therefore, as an office goer, you can ignore them at your own risk. Some of things you’d rather not do in your office are: Click Here to Read Article …

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What Are Your Office Etiquette Pet Peeves?

Office etiquette issues are mostly behind me, but before I fled cubicle hell for coffee shops and other freelance hangouts, I shared workspace just like (almost) everyone else, so I’ve dealt with the quirks of toxic coworkers — and they’ve had to cope with mine. One cubemate was deeply disturbed by the sound a plastic water bottle makes when you try to squeeze out the last bit of water. Another couldn’t stand the sound of an office chair swiveling back and forth as one coworker twirled absentmindedly.

My biggest workplace etiquette peeve? I’m annoyed by loud phone talkers. You know the type: people who make personal phones during work hours and then act as if their acid reflux or marital problems are the most fascinating and important topic on the planet. That’s why I always made a point of slipping away from my desk when I needed to make a non-work call (let’s face it: we all occasionally need to make calls between 9 and 5) and scheduling time in the conference room when I had a lengthy work call scheduled.

What about you? Are there habits you’d prefer to do without? Click Here to Read Article …

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