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Reasons Why You Should Retire Now

when to retire

Most of us have to work.

This is how we put a roof over our heads, food on the table and care for other personal needs.

Nothing in life is free, and it takes income to do just about everything.

But although many people have jobs, you might be plotting your retirement as we speak.

According to CreditRepair.com, “Retirement kicks in for most people at around 65 years of age, when they cease working and live off of money saved up during their lifetime.” However, there’s no rule that says you have to wait until you’re much older to leave the workforce. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Get the Retirement You Deserve

How to Get the Retirement You Deserve

It may seem a million miles off, but if you want a comfortable standard of living in retirement you better get saving soon – that is the message from finance industry experts. According to large-scale research by Aon in the US, a 25 year old with just a 401(k) plan will need to put aside 15% of their income to retire at 65 with “adequate resources.”

Wait until 30, and the figure is 19%. And all of this assumes that your employer makes an almost matching contribution!

It’s the same story for workers in many other western nations. In the UK, for example, HSBC found that retirees were expected to live for 19 more years, yet only had the savings to cover, on average, 7 of these years. Click Here to Read Article …

Be Self-Employed & Smart: Know Your Insurance Options

Insurance options

Congratulations! You are one of the estimated 42 million Americans who has managed to escape the corporate treadmill and have found success in a partnership or sole proprietorship, or perhaps even as a contractor or freelancer.  You’ve found that there are plenty of perks being your own boss and having more control of your day-to-day duties when you are self-employed. You are also likely able to spend more quality time with your spouse and family members.

But you also realize there are some slight disadvantages in the situation. For one, you are the one ultimately responsible for your own successes and failures. Not only that, but you also recognize you are very likely taking on some additional financial responsibilities that may have previously been covered by a previous employer – many of which fall outside your standard office expenses. I’m talking about things like knowing all your insurance options such as retirement/401k options, health insurance, and life insurance. Click Here to Read Article …

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