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Teamly: A Project Management App that Focuses on Priorities

If you’re anything like me, a good chunk of your day is spent staring at your to-do list, trying to figure out what is of highest priority and what to do next. After 20 minutes, you then end up just picking something random and hoping for the best.

Enter Teamly– a project management tool based on priorities. Teamly allows you to set 5 priorities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Teamly takes priorities VERY seriously. In fact, the entire Dashboard revolves around them. When you log-in, you’re priorities are broken down by day, week, and month — and everything is color-coded. Red is new tasks, Yellow is started, and Green is completed. This allows you to easily know what the status of each priority is at a glance.

You can easily go forward or back in time to see what you’ve accomplished and what’s coming up. You can also easily re-order your priorities and attach priorities to a specific date.
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Balancing Work Priorities as an Entrepreneur

We sometimes view entrepreneurs as those born with creative genius or great business acumen, that are able to somehow magically transform their business idea into a successful and profitable venture.

However, as evidenced in a report, “Makings of a Successful Entrepreneur,” published by the Kauffman Foundation (November 2009), one factor that ranked as an extremely big challenge for successful entrepreneurs was the stress of running a business and maintaining a balance in life.

In addition, 93% of respondents interviewed in the report identified the amount of time and effort required as a significant barrier to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Click Here to Read Article …

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