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How to Sleep Better

Everyone should learn how to sleep better. Sleep is like a vacation day—there can never be enough. And just like those precious vacation days, many of us don’t, in fact, get enough. You may only get a few hours’ of shuteye a night and not feel deprived, but eventually you’ll start noticing a difference, whether it’s in your work performance or overall energy level.

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Team Player Vs. Self-Starter

Most of us fit into one of two productivity camps—team players and independent workers or “self-starters”. Some of us thrive on the camaraderie and brainstorming that occurs when a high-functioning workplace team gets together to work on a project, while others prefer the solitude and focus that working solo provides. Most people prefer one or the other, but managers like to see employees who can deliver the same results in either arrangement.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Your personality type has a huge influence on your preference. If you’re an extroverted people person, naturally you would prefer to work with others instead of solo. On the other hand, thoughtful, more introspective types commonly choose to work alone when possible.
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Choosing (and Using) Your Intern Wisely

It’s not easy being the intern. Let’s face it—they get a bad rap.

Interns mean “free labor”, “low man on the totem pole”, or any other negative expression. Years ago, interns were the gofers, the “gal Fridays”, and the errand boys. They’re the ones who will gladly take on everyone’s grunt work with a smile. They spend their time at the company hidden away in a broom closet slaving away behind stacks and stacks of paper. Once in a while, they’ll staple something.
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Motivational Quotations That Really Motivate

Think about how many sayings you’ve heard over the years. Most of them probably seem trite or corny, but almost everyone has one or two that have become more like personal philosophies. You might find yourself tossing in a few memorable quotes in regular conversation from time to time, or take on a few favorites as mantras for your personal or professional life. Have you ever thought about why you keep returning to those few phrases over and over?
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Does Multitasking Really Work?

Picture it: It’s Tuesday morning. You’re at your desk reading and replying to emails, participating in a conference call and looking over the report you need for that afternoon’s department meeting. While you’re focused on those tasks, your boss stops by and says he needs a summary of the new product your company is rolling out at next week’s press conference. Oh, and can you have it to him in an hour? And have you decided on the art for the product’s logo — which has been sitting on your desk since Friday because you haven’t had a chance to look over it?

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5 Ways to be Financially Fit

Let’s face it—no matter how much you might love your job and enjoy going to work every day, when it comes down to it, you rely on your profession to pay the bills and support yourself and your family. Though you may not be in your ideal salary range just yet, if you’re financially fit–responsible with your spending and mindful of how much you have in your accounts–you should still be able to cover your expenses and hopefully have something left over at the end of each month.

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The Importance of Vacation Time

Many of us have an aversion to using our vacation time. This seems to be more prevalent in the United States than in the rest of the world, and I’m not sure why, since we get fewer days off than most other countries. For some of us, we just feel too guilty about taking days off. We think our workplace will shut down if we’re not there to pull our weight. Others get a similar vibe (either real or perceived) from their managers or co-workers. In any case, think about how many times you’ve heard yourself or one of your colleagues say “I have too much to do and can’t get away” as you bury yourself further into another project. Click Here to Read Article …

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Making Your Passion a Higher Priority

Many of us are working at jobs that aren’t exactly horrible but they’re not quite our dream job, either. We might be harboring our own secret goal or ambition, but put it aside for the sake of a steady paycheck, benefits, and a sense of reasonable security.

But the more we ignore that persistent little tug that might be pointing us in a different direction, the stronger it gets. Eventually, you’ll have an important decision ahead of you—continue on the path you’re traveling, or at least consider pursuing that long-suppressed goal that’s never totally gone away. Click Here to Read Article …