5 Ways to Get Promoted at Work

We all want to get ahead in our company and in our career.

Some people seem to just float through the levels without any difficulty while others get stuck in a position far below their ambition or capacity.

So how can you get out of that rut and start climbing on the corporate ladder to success?

If you’re wondering how to get promoted, here are five ways to get noticed and to get a promotion at work.

1. Give More

There is one great rule to follow to absolutely guarantee success at work. That is to always do your best.

Your best may change at different times, and it may be better when you are fresh in the morning rather than late in the evening. But if you always put out your best, you will get noticed and you will be on the list when the higher-ups start looking for candidates to promote.

You will also gain a reputation as someone who is reliable — the go-to guy or gal.

If your performance is spotty or irregular, you will gain that reputation as well. And people will notice you for all the wrong reasons. If you do your best, always, whatever that best effort is at the time, you will be successful, in life and at work.

2. Do More

The next time the boss is looking for someone to take on a special project, try putting your hand up. The willingness to do more than is required, to go that extra mile, is often what separates winners from the rest of the pack.

In order to get a promotion you want that separation. You want your superiors to notice you and consider you for promotion when one comes open. The people who give a little more at work often get a lot more back.

You can also volunteer to help your peers or coworkers as long as you have a good handle on your own responsibilities. If you see someone struggling and offer to stay late to help them out, not only will they be grateful, they will tell others, maybe even your boss.

3. Learn More

Continuous learning is another attribute of highly successful people at work. You may have aced your college program or graduated magna cum laude from university, but the workplace is a different world.

You simply can’t rest on your intelligence or what you learned in school to get by. First of all you need to master your own craft, job or career. That will mean learning from the people who came before you on the tricks of the trade.

Secondly, you have to be open to learning about the company where you work and all of its operations. You don’t have to know how to operate the lathe in the machine shop, but you need to learn what products your company makes or delivers.

Thirdly, you should always have your own learning plan. That might mean taking an outside course or reading a book or just learning a new skill or technique online. Those who are still learning at work are still growing at work.

4. Apply More

Nobody will even know you are interested in a promotion if you don’t take the time to fill out an application. Apply early and apply often to show your bosses that you want to continue to move forward in the organization.

That doesn’t mean applying for every job that comes open — just the ones that you are qualified for now or might be with a little training and support. Hiding your light under a bushel at work will almost surely mean that you are left in the dark.

Find out about what jobs might be opening up soon in your organization, and make a plan to apply. You want your superiors to know that while you may be happy in your job, you are always eager for more. Most employers will see that as a sign of enthusiasm and sooner rather than later, that positive energy will be rewarded.

5. Get More Help

We all need allies at work in order to be successful. This includes our coworkers, our supervisors and our managers. But in order to get ahead at work we may need more help than that.

Many successful people have had a mentor who has helped guide them in their career. A mentor is usually someone in your same career field who has more experience and certainly better connections than a newcomer.

Mentors can open doors for the people they work with and introduce them to people well above their pay grade in the organization.

Getting a workplace or career coach is another way that many people navigate the sometimes-difficult road to success at work. Coaches can help you hone and perfect your skills and communication techniques. They can also assist you to smooth out those rough edges that may stand between you and that next great promotion.

Landing a promotion rarely comes from resting on your laurels, so adding that little oomph — putting more into your everyday — will bring you closer to climbing that ladder.

Do you have any tips on how to get promoted? Let us know in the comments.


Mike Martin is a freelance writer and consultant specializing in workplace wellness and conflict resolution. He is the author of Change the Things You Can (Dealing with Difficult People). For more information about Mike please visit: Change the Things You Can


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