Inspirational Quotes for Work

Do inspirational quotes affect your daily life? Do you surround yourself with them in your cubicle or work space? I have found that being constantly surrounded by quotes is something that helps me get by, especially when I’m not having a real motivating day. Inspirational quotes for work are, of course, just words. But if you heed what they have to say, they could aid you in your working and personal life.

“Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength that you think that they have.”

This one was actually introduced to me by my daughter. When I read this quote, I immediately think of a phobia that I had growing up which especially manifested itself when I was in high school. That phobia is the fear of public speaking. Who hasn’t experienced this phobia in their lives? If you haven’t, then you are in the minority. Being a former scientist, I oftentimes had to present my research in front of other scientists at national symposiums or seminars. I knew that I was not gifted in the way of articulation and I didn’t want to embarrass myself on the national stage, so to speak. So I turned to the international speaking group called Toastmasters International whose mission is to make effective oral communication a worldwide reality. Well, it worked for me. After joining and having to give organized speeches as well as extemporaneously speaking at each meeting, my skills progressed well enough that I was able to deliver an effective presentation. I looked at that obstacle in the eye and hit it head on. Recently, after years of being away from a Toastmasters club, I rejoined a local club near my work. I had almost forgotten how supportive fellow club members can be.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

How true is the above quote? We affect how we think. No one else can control our thoughts. When I hear someone say “He made me sad” or “She got under my skin”, I say NO. You made yourself sad or upset. We are all responsible for our own thoughts and our own actions. Take responsibility for your own thoughts and your own actions. Turn around the way you look at things. A fundamental change in your thoughts could lead to a huge change in your life.

“Be impeccable with your word.”

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a book entitled the “Four Agreements” and his 1st agreement is entitled “Be impeccable with your word.” If there is one thing that we all have in common it is that our words define us. We can control how we speak and what we say, just as we can control our thoughts. If we do not choose our words wisely then we will be judged by others according to those words. So it is imperative in our lives to think before we speak. At work, and in our personal lives, it is our words that represent us. Being careless and irresponsible with your words, can be disastrous. The common expression “Loose lips sink ships” is synonymous with the above quote. Being responsible in your verbal interaction is extremely important, not only in your work life, but in your personal life, as well.

“The Truly Educated never Graduate.”

If there is one quote that I tend to live my life by it is the above quote. I’m not sure of its origin as I saw it on a car, as a bumper sticker. I always try to learn something new every day, whether it be in my working life or otherwise. I know that this is the reason that I gravitate to non-fiction versus fiction. I don’t learn anything new by reading fiction. You cannot go wrong by learning something new. As an older worker, I am always concerned that a younger worker could be brought in to take my place. OK, I may be slightly paranoid, but I’ve seen it over and over again. They say they are having a layoff, but miraculously the position is supposedly abolished and then a young buck is hired who just happens to have the same job duties. How surprising is that? Being complacent in your job is dangerous. Open yourself up to the bleeding edge technologies. Immerse yourself in skills you do not yet know. Never graduate!

Inspiration can come from many sources. It’s up to you to use those words to make the positive changes that can benefit your life.

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  1. Yeah I agree. Quotes can have a pro founding impact. They can motivate you greatly.

    Great collection of quotes there!


    • Bob Bessette on the 9th July

      Hi Nabeel,
      Every morning I sit at my desk with many of these quotes attached to my monitor. I think they definitely have an impact on my life and help motivate me especially when I am not in a motivational mood. Thanks for the kind comment.

      Bob Bessette

  2. Akie A. on the 9th July

    Great post! I don’t do this myself but have a friend whose cubicle is clustered with these inspirational notes. Additionally, she also types up and posts her aspirations and goals on her wall (not very detailed goals) but something she’s working toward in the near future.

    here’s one i just heard that is not really motivational but interesting in my mind..

    “Character is like toothpaste, it’s what comes out under pressure”

    • Bob Bessette on the 9th July

      That quote is a great one. I might add that one to my computer monitor. Anytime you can surround yourself with positive affirmations, I certainly think it’s a great thing.

      Bob Bessette

  3. on the 9th July

    Great post. I have a couple of the books published by the ‘toastmasters’ and although I am not a speaker by any sorts I just love to read through them. Sometimes they make me laugh, other times the stories are so touching and sad.

    • Bob Bessette on the 9th July

      You cannot go wrong by getting involved with the Toastmasters group. They are extremely supportive and it’s a great training ground for public speaking. You should look into a club close to you. Just follow the link in the article and you should be able to find one.

      Bob Bessette

  4. Mustafa Saribudak on the 9th July

    Quotes are incredible: In order to have an impact on your life, you need to strongly believe that they can guide you in the right direction; just beliveing is not enogh though. You have to have a ritual every morning repeat the quotes (5-6 of them) after a 20 minutes of stretching and doing yogo. It will take about 2 months to make a change in yourself. Altough you wil have bumps along the road while you do it; but keep it going.. When you change everything around you will change.This is not and is true.. Good luck for trying them!

    • Bob Bessette on the 9th July

      Thanks for your comment. Obviously the belief part is a gimmee. I only place quotes in my cubicle that I can relate to. I appreciate your advice.

      Bob Bessette

  5. Mustafa Saribudak on the 9th July

    Hi Bob:

    I strongly believe in continous improvement of body and mental health, which are both related..”Keep learning” should be a motto for everybody regardless of age. If you stop learning you reach a plateou on which you go nowhere… I will close the post with axiom that I read today: Set goals not only because they will help you reach them but because they will teach you in the process… So you will win both ways..

    • Bob Bessette on the 10th July

      That is great advice. Having just completed my 3rd college degree, I am always trying to learn at anything I do. Even when I read, I tend to only read non-fiction because I always want to learn something in the process. I’m not saying that you cannot learn from fiction, but I think reading fiction is much more of an escape-from-reality avocation.
      I appreciate your comments.

      Bob Bessette

  6. AW on the 12th July

    FYI the proper term is quotation NOT quote. Quotation is a noun, quote is a verb.
    Just a little pet peeve of mine (picked up from a really strict high school english teacher I had!)

    • Bob Bessette on the 12th July

      Thanks AW,
      I can relate to pet peeves. Actually, in it says this for quote:

      a quotation.

      so you stand corrected.

      Bob Bessette

    • Mike Vardy on the 12th July

      Perhaps we should’ve said “sayings.” 🙂

      Thanks for setting us straight!

    • AW on the 13th July

      I’d rely on a more reputable site such as Merriam Webster ( which agrees with me.

      Looks like has a note about this issue on the quote page

      ” Usage Note : People have been using the noun quote as a truncation of quotation for over 100 years, and its use in less formal contexts is widespread today. Language critics have objected to this usage, however, as unduly journalistic or breezy. As such, it is best avoided in more formal situations. The Usage Panel, at least, shows more tolerance for the word as the informality of the situation increases. Thus, only 38 percent of Panelists accept the example He began the chapter with a quote from the Bible, but the percentage rises to 53 when the source of the quotation is less serious: He lightened up his talk by throwing in quotes from Marx Brothers movies. ”

      I’m not trying to argue…I know it’s used informally but as this site relates to work I would stick to use the more proper “quotation” in the workplace. And if you run across a more proper supervisor or other “superior” then they make correct you as well.

  7. Thomas Peck on the 21st May

    “Your success: It’s up to others to believe it’s possible. It’s up to you to make it happen.
    – Brent Dmitruk

  8. Jammey on the 12th November

    the quotes are meaningful. you can use it as a reflection for self improvements.

  9. pennie!! on the 19th November

    Lovely quotes I need them more!!

  10. Ramandeep Singh on the 9th September

    nice quotes 🙂

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