What is The Domino Project?

If you don’t know much about Seth Godin but you’re interested in learning more about his revolutionary ideas, you should sign up to the newsletter from The Domino Project. Named after the domino effect – one little push sets a chain reaction in motion – this project is quickly becoming known as a brilliant concept in the publishing world. Low cost, high value ideas quickly shared with the influencers in any particular field.

In a nutshell, you form the idea — or ask the question. Write it down concisely (nothing more or less than the core idea). Share it with the folks who can help it go viral. Repeat.

“It’s long frustrated me that a blog post can reach 100 times as many people as a book, but can’t deliver the nuance a book can.”

~Seth Godin

Godin has shared the secret to success a while ago. Ask your customers what they want, then give it to them. Ask them if they liked it, then do it again.  The Domino Project was created to get your brilliant ideas into the hands of the people ready, willing, and able to take action on it. The secret is to give them immediacy, relevancy and quality — topped with a large helping of simplicity.

If you have a brilliant idea that needs to be shared with likeminded “netizens”, check out The Domino Project.


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  1. Work From Home Ideas Guy on the 29th December

    Seth is absolutely brilliant when it comes to marketing and business. I hadn’t heard of this project before (or perhaps I neglected to read that post on his blog), and it certainly sounds exciting. I will make it a point to check it out.

    – Scott

  2. live chat support software on the 29th December

    It seems to be an amazing project! We’re going to try to implement it!

  3. Angelee on the 30th December

    Seth’s a business/marketing guru and I’ve read his Purple Cow which is full of revolutionary ideas indeed..

  4. inkfusion studio on the 30th December

    What about the paternity rights? Is the Domino project something sponsored by Amazon?

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