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How to Think Outside the Box

“Get your head out of the clouds,” or something similar, is something many of us have heard at least once in our lives.

From a certain age we’re told and taught not to think outside of the box, and we soon find ourselves telling others the same.

This is incredibly limiting and prevents us from going all-out on what we can offer the world.

In this post, I talk about how a renowned start-up can teach us three simple, exciting and, ultimately, liberating lessons. Click Here to Read Article …

What is The Domino Project?

If you don’t know much about Seth Godin but you’re interested in learning more about his revolutionary ideas, you should sign up to the newsletter from The Domino Project. Named after the domino effect – one little push sets a chain reaction in motion – this project is quickly becoming known as a brilliant concept in the publishing world. Low cost, high value ideas quickly shared with the influencers in any particular field.
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5 Tips for Remembering and Organizing Ideas

If you are someone who never runs out of new ideas but has a hard time organizing ideas and keeping track of them, here are five quick tips to help you preserve those random ideas you seem to get every other day. Click Here to Read Article …

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It’s Okay to Stare

Imagine stopping in the middle of a busy work day, kicking up your feet on your desk, sitting back, arms cradling the back of the head in daydream mode. Now imagine that this is one of the best things you could do in the course of a busy work day.

It’s okay, let them stare. Because the truth is that your blank stare at the wall is just what the mind needs to slow down, clear out some of the clutter and give the creative brain the opportunity to open up to better thinking, greater creativity and maybe even the next big idea. Click Here to Read Article …

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