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5 Tips for Successful Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations

A few years ago, a friend was asked by a potential employer, “What would you need to get paid in order to not resent the fact that you have to do the work?”

Talk about being straightforward.

For me, salary negotiations have always been a bit of a stumbling block, an awkward dance between speaking my mind while also appeasing an employer or potential employer. There seems to always be a magic number, but neither party is anxious to disclose what their magic number is right off the bat. Click Here to Read Article …

Prove Yourself! 5 Ways to Map Your Routine & Show Results

Prove Yourself

These days, it can be difficult to stand out from others in the workplace, whether you’re a newbie to the team or a seasoned veteran. Therefore, proving that you’re a viable and essential employee is an important task because you don’t want to be known as that employee, i.e. disposable. But how do you prove yourself?

Although we don’t all have the time to create a “work map,” it’s important to note where you want to go, how you plan on getting there, and what the outcome was, whether the objective was big or small. Click Here to Read Article …

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This is Not in My Job Description

For those of you who are young, idealistic, and just brimming with shiny hopes and dreams, I have some unfortunate news: Life isn’t fair. Nor is it reasonable, rational, sensible, logical, nice, or fluffy. Life is strange, ridiculous, cruel, fantastic, bizarre, whimsical, capricious, and just a little bit dirty.

I tell you this because one day, possibly one day quite soon, your boss (or someone who wields even more power over your fragile working existence) is going to ask you to do something that you don’t think you should be doing. And you are going to be very unhappy about it. Click Here to Read Article …

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