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Chrome Time Track: Tracking Time on Multiple Projects Simple

If you aren’t a fan of complex time tracking tools that require you to spend time first in order to understand how to use them, then you might want to try out this cool Chrome extension called Chrome Time Track.
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Prioritize Your Email Tasks with TaskForce

If you’re anything like me, you get the majority of your assignments through email — not to mention any contacts you want to follow up with, newsletters you might want to read and various other notifications. That gets messy…fast.

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Hyperwords Hotrods Your Right-Click Menu

This is a tool I’ve been using for a long time and it has helped me tremendously in terms of the time I’ve saved and things I’ve got done.

Called Hyperwords, this is an add-on that adds a bunch of stuff to your right-click menu that helps you do things like check the definition of a word, search Google, check Wikipedia, translate text from one language to another and much more in just a click.

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