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7 Reasons to Send Your Workforce Home

working remotely

Have you ever considered whether your office, the physical evidence of your “success,” could actually be killing your business?

After 10 years of having a buzzing team around me, I recently sent every single one of my employees home and closed the physical office doors forever.

Why? We went remote.

I’d heard about remote working many times before — many of my entrepreneurial friends have been doing it for years.

But I had a whole bunch of preconceptions, fears and concerns about all of the different reasons why remote working wouldn’t work for my business. Click Here to Read Article …

7 Tools for More Productive Telecommuting

More and more companies are letting their employees work from where they want to.

In other words, they are working remotely.

One of the best examples and success stories of a remote team is Buffer.

They built a strong culture of remote work within their company.

If you are considering building a remote team, I recommend that you read this post from Buffer founder: The Joys and Benefits of Working as a Distributed Team.

But working as a remote team can sometimes be tricky. In fact your team needs the right tools and techniques to make it work. Click Here to Read Article …

Is Your Workplace Ready for Interconnectedness?

The world has changed. Disruptive technology and globalization has created an increasingly interconnectedness and a complex business environment. More than ever, business is a team sport that leverages technology to cross borders and time zones.

At the same time, resources are stretched from downsizing and the struggling economy. Business issues are more complex than they were just a few short years ago. Employees are expected to do more with less and employers are faced with pressure to maintain a fit balance sheet, attract and retain top talent, and foster a strong corporate culture. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Have a Productive Day by Working Remotely

Have you ever noticed this? Sitting in the confines of the office stifles creativity and productivity. So the next time you want to be more productive, go on vacation. Just explain to your boss that you will be working remotely, and book the next flight to Los Cabos. All you need to pack is your smartphone and laptop.

Start your work day immediately, while driving to the airport.  Dexterously answer calls while stuck in traffic.  At the airport terminal, settle in with a Starbucks coffee and read email messages. Click Here to Read Article …

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