How to Become a Leader

Leaders are usually admired and envied by everyone around.

However, there are some people who find it relieving that they don’t have to take on big responsibilities.

But this attitude is not really getting them far — only those who take chances are likely to succeed.

What holds individuals back from speaking their mind?

All sorts of fears hold them back, most of them unconscious. Here are some helpful solutions and guidelines for overcoming these obstacles.

What’s Holding You Back?

Lack of confidence. This problem affects a big part of the population worldwide. People with impressive talents and great skills are often afraid to come out and showcase their value. They don’t want to look ridiculous or be criticized. In the end, these people start believing they don’t do anything special, so they keep hiding and withholding brilliant ideas and useful contributions.

Fear. Fear keeps people away from tons of amazing things. As a child, it’s normal to hesitate or to refuse doing new scary activities. But adults have no real reason for not hunting for better positions or jobs. Yet they continue to be afraid of the unknown and of changes. Honestly speaking, no one can guarantee that the next boss will listen to you. But it is a certain fact that the actual one won’t change!

Routine. At least in here I know exactly what I have to do. This is what most people would say, motivating the refusal of asking for more. Routine clutters our mind and allow us to avoid wondering about other possibilities. Face it — adults have the same schedule, day after day, ensuring that we don’t seek out a better way of living. They are cozy enough with the present situation and don’t want the burden of being leaders.

How to Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Always ask questions. Inquiring minds are never satisfied with the actual state of things. They always try to improve and to innovate. So the first step is to start analyzing your life and see what there is to be changed. Small decisions are the best for getting used to this attitude. Question your responsibilities — why are you given these tasks, how are they helping the company, etc.

Keep an open mind. Let new things come to you! They bring in joy and the satisfaction of self-development. Don’t refuse tasks when don’t have the answer on the spot. Instead of thinking I don’t know how to do that, say I will learn the solution and apply it as best I can.

Accept challenges and think positive. You will be amazed at the outcomes. Some companies appreciate employees with bold initiatives and courage. If the one you are working for does not promote personal growth, it’s time to look for another one. Struggling just for a paycheck is not an option for future leaders.

Give others advice (and learn to take others). Don’t underestimate your skills. Even persons in their twenties can teach others life lessons. Find someone who needs personal or professional guidance and help him/her out.

These generous acts will boost your self-confidence! In time, you will grow to have bolder initiatives and a more professional attitude. Another good idea is to study famous leaders’ lives. See how they act to achieve success and to gain influence, and mimic that, essentially taking their advice.

Take on more responsibilities. The key to becoming a leader is to gather more and more tasks. Get involved in several projects, learn new things, volunteer for activities. In this way, you will get used to being responsible for major aspects of the company. Slowly, people will start depending on you and asking for advice. Take advantage of the situation and prove that you deserve to be trusted and put in a leading position.

Respect yourself. The first step toward gaining other’s respect is to respect yourself. Only accept jobs and tasks that will take you up and not down. Often, bosses abuse their power and impose ridiculous rules and schedules.

Employees are not obliged to put up with these miseries. They have two options — asking for decent working conditions or look for better jobs. Don’t be afraid to take a stand; you deserve to be happy! True leaders know their worth and accept nothing less.

Parting Words

In the end, no matter what field you may be working in, becoming a leader is a top priority. It’s not about being everybody’s boss, but about being the best of you.

Share your personal fears and ideas in the comment section below. Tell us about things that motivate and inspire you.

Help others by showing them that progress is possible when you have the courage to step into the unknown.

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Lynn Foster is a professional writer and editor at Papersgear. Lynn intends to share her knowledge with young specialists, featuring insightful and helpful advice in her articles.


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