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Social Media Lessons I Learned Firsthand

Social media lessons

Social media platforms fascinated me from the very beginning. After reaching a certain level of comfort in using them, I realized they carried mammoth potential in terms of advertising, customer engagement and of course making money. Though I got much of the bigger picture right, it was only after making gigantic number of mistakes that I really understood how to use powerful platforms like Facebook and Twitter to derive real business.

I spent considerable about of money and time on social media activities that I thought would reap dividends but actually didn’t. The few times they really did, results were minuscule enough to baffle instead of comfort. Click Here to Read Article …

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Finance Tips for Managing a Health Club

Managing a health club can be a very rewarding career; you get to help other people improve their lives through exercise and fitness. The average health club offers various exercise equipment and machines, along with different health treatments that can improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals. As with any business, when you are managing a health club, it is also necessary that you keep track of the finances, especially if you want your business to continue running efficiently and successfully.

Keep Track of Everything

As a manager of a health club, you have to keep on top of everything, and organization is the ultimate key to success.  One tip is to rely on health club management software to keep your records intact. This type of software will allow you to keep documents on each member of the health club, along with payments that have been made, payments that are owed, and memberships that may have been cancelled. The software will literally be a lifesaver for you because it saves you a whole lot of time. Click Here to Read Article …

Should I Hire a Career Coach?

career coach

You started out at your job excited and motivated to tackle any task. Then, as years went by and the job became a little too familiar, you lost some of that drive.

This can result in your career stalling out and eventually, it leads to a sabotaged career. Before it goes too far, let’s see some of the ways you may be sabotaging your career path. Click Here to Read Article …

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Entrepreneurial Ideas for Spring

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” ~W. H. Murray

Entrepreneur (or “to undertake”) is a French word that in the business world means to “start a business”. Let spring be the time to start executing that new idea that’s been at the back of your mind. Whether it’s a new way to generate revenue with an existing business or it’s a new business venture altogether it could bloom into something unimaginable.

For Existing Businesses

Newsletters, e-mail campaigns, and more. Generating a continuous pool of loyal customers is a lot of work, but it is rewarding when it pays off. Finding new ways to reach new prospects is key in order to keep up with the competition. Being able to have constant contact with your customers and prospects alike is imperative which is why data mining is so important to your business. Anytime you are able to get contact (or other) information from your clientele, get it. This enables you to implement a drip marketing campaign that will help keep business alive if you use it properly and never abuse it. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Remain Productive When Avoiding Work

remain productive

Sometimes I amaze myself at just how much work I can get done by trying to avoid other work. It’s not that I’m avoiding work altogether in such situations, but by avoiding certain tasks that I’m not particularly looking forward to doing, I somehow remain productive and find myself getting a lot of other things done in the process.

I’ve therefore learned that it’s not always best to push myself toward certain aspects of my work that I’m not looking forward to doing, instead choosing to focus on other work roles in which I can sustain productivity until I’m in “the mood” for the other work.  I learned this long ago when in school and I had a variety of coursework and subject matter to select from when studying and a variety of times and timeframes in which to conduct my studies. Click Here to Read Article …

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To Automate or Not to Automate When Starting a Business

starting a business

Entrepreneurs have a lot to consider while in start-up mode. Budget constraints, product development, sales and marketing strategy – these are just a few of the boldest bullet points that cause long workdays and sleepless nights when you’re starting a business.

Determining how to best facilitate and streamline business processes is perhaps one of the greatest points of contention for many entrepreneurs, as they’re attempting to balance the need for direct control with an inability to be everywhere at once. Click Here to Read Article …

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Raising Your Business Profile

If you have just started your own business or you’re thinking about it, you may be thinking of ways to raise your business profile. You may feel that using flyers/leaflets and business cards is redundant these days, but let me show you how using good quality instant print flyers is just as important as ever.

Think about how a flyer or leaflet can build momentum and generate excitement. With a leaflet you can get across the correct message whilst still remaining a little mysterious (in a good way) – in turn this will direct people too look out for you in the future. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Succeed in Different Job Interview Situations [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to Succeed in Different Job Interview Situations

Hiring managers often receive around 100 applications per job opening. Even if an applicant is lucky enough to go through the screening process successfully, they still have an even bigger mountain to climb: the job interview.

With so many different types of interviewers and interview situations out there, how can candidates succeed in different job interview situation ensuring they are prepared for each? This infographic, compiled by Interview Success Formula, a program that helps job seekers to deliver powerful interview answers, illustrates how job seekers can read the most common types of interviewers and how to succeed in the process. Click Here to Read Article …
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