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3 Reasons Goals Are Better than Resolutions + Lifetick Giveaway

Goals are better

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The New Year period is now but a distant memory as we’ve approached the quarter mark of the calendar year. So too sadly, are most people’s New Year’s Resolutions.

Consistently, it seems to be something people are willing to attempt to undertake despite knowing fully well the likelihood of success is minimal at best. The question must therefore be asked: Why is it we get excited about resolutions? When you dissect it all, it really comes down to one word: Hope. Click Here to Read Article …

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3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Business Signs

Designing your business signs

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Everywhere you go, you see signs: billboards, road signs, aisle markers, window signs, and service and business signs.  They’re how we find our way through commercial and public places. Whether we’re just looking for a specific exhibit in a museum or for the cereal aisle in a grocery store, signs showcase where things are and they draw foot traffic.

That said, signs have to be clear and effective at conveying their message otherwise they stand the chance of being ignored or passed by in the search for the most easily accessible information. Click Here to Read Article …

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Giveaway: Collaborate with Your Team Transparently with $1100 x 3 Bitrix24 Licenses

Create a transparent collaboration and communications platform with Bitrix24 cloud-based technology. Some cool features of Btrix24 platform are social intranet, email management, internal social network, a central workplace for projects, tasks, docs and contacts, information security with a cloud storage, and a mobile version too so you can work from anywhere on your smart phone! Click Here to Read Article …

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Giveaway: Bring Your Resume to Life with $109 Resume Design Vouchers

Hello there!

Tired of your dull, boring MS Word resume? Is the B&W colour sucking the soul out of the most important document of your whole career?

Lucky for you, it’s giveaway time at WorkAwesome!

Loft Resumes, a creative resume design service, is throwing a cool giveaway. Three (3) of you will each get a free resume makeover. Catch the attention of busy employers with awesome professional designs at Loft Resumes, who recently got featured in the Fast Company Design. How good is that? Click Here to Read Article …

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Giveaway $500 in Brand Design Gift Vouchers to Make Your Site Look Professional

Giveaway $500 in Brand Design Gift Vouchers to Make Your Site Look Professional


Miguel here from BrandPhoto.net. With New Year, come new perspectives, new aspirations. And hey, new business collateral and brand design!

Here’s a simple contest that will make your website, business cards, presentations – or wherever you stamp your brand – say out loud: Yes, You Are Dealing With a Professional.


Leave a comment below telling us: What is your biggest challenge in gaining credibility for your small business practice or website? Click Here to Read Article …

Win $75 Voucher Toward Free Printing of Your Choice

It’s the dawn of festive season and most of us are thinking about the New Year’s Resolutions. At Workawesome, we’ve made resolutions a little easier for you to follow. If reviving your brand with fine marketing or solid networking is one of your goals for 2012, don’t miss this awesome offer for free printing services from Next Day Flyers! We’re glad to partner with Next Day Flyers which are an online printing company with 99.7% ontime deliveries, certified recycled materials and 33 quality checkpoint inspection.  Click Here to Read Article …

Exclusive Holiday Giveaway: 52 Weeks to Awesome

It’s time for our second holiday giveaway, this one offered up by The Connection Revolution. It’s a slot in their upcoming 52 Weeks
to Awesome

This course is going to last for — you guessed it — 52 weeks and each participant will take baby steps on a week-by-week basis to a more awesome life. Pace and Kyeli (the forces behind The Connection Revolution) have put together this comprehensive and yet accessible course that aims to bring more awesomeness into the world…one person at a time. Click Here to Read Article …