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How to Collaborate with Other Freelancers

how to collaborate

Collaborating? Freelance?

Other freelancers? What?

Freelancers are solelancers.

We are lone wolves, howling under silent moons.

However, collaboration among freelancers does happen more frequently than you might think.

Here are some of the benefits of collaborating, as well as a look at how one can go about it. Click Here to Read Article …

4 Clients Freelancers Should Avoid

potential clients

We freelancers perform without a net. We are constantly taking plenty of risks with potential clients — one of them being simply not getting paid.

This can mean getting stiffed, or it can mean having your work deemed unacceptable and facing the threat of not getting your much-needed compensation.

However, we also risk such frustrations as facing inefficient working styles that slow us down and make our overall freelancing life less successful than it should be.

Or we experience unpleasant interactions that hurt morale and thus threaten our freelancing career in general.

It’s true that in every field there are annoyances, and there may be some good personality traits associated with being able to put up with these. To some extent they’re unavoidable. But here’s a guide to minimizing things that slow you down or that detract from the success — financial and spiritual — of your freelancing life.

If you have enough available work to be able to avoid potential clients who look like trouble, it’s a matter of heeding certain warning signs. Here are the ones of which I’m aware. Click Here to Read Article …

What’s in Your Freelancers’ Digital Toolbox?


Becoming a freelancer after regular corporate job can feel very overwhelming. An army of IT support, Human Resources, Accounting and Sales are no longer within your reach.

Suddenly, you begin wondering that the “insane bravery” for finally making the decision to work for yourself no longer looks like the smartest decision you ever made.But wait! There is still some hope left. Many of us don’t even realize how many effective, yet inexpensive tools are out there to even out the odds between freelancers vs. a corporation. Click Here to Read Article …

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