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8 Productivity Pitfalls New Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

why businesses fail

Building a business takes a lot of time.

With so many things to do and not enough hours in a day to finish them all, new entrepreneurs find out pretty quickly how valuable their time is.

If you’re starting a business on your own, then you know you’ve got to make the best possible use of your time every single day.

Productivity doesn’t mean being busy all the time but being busy with the right things. It means knowing which tasks to pick and which ones to delegate or put off for another day.

Want to know more? Here are productivity pitfalls you should keep your eyes peeled for. Hopefully, by knowing them in advance, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding them in the future. Click Here to Read Article …

Starting Your Own Business for Under $1,000

Starting Your Own Business

The Internet is without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful tool in the world. One amazing aspect to the Internet is how easy it allows you to quit your day job and help you with starting your own business venture you have always dreamed of, all at a relatively low risk.

You may ask how on earth can I start my business without having employees or even a website, well the answer is simple: outsourcing. Websites such as E-lance or Freelancer have made it incredibly easy to get the services you need to start your venture all at a relatively low price. Even if your company involves complex tasks such as software development, you can find someone affordable to help you make the first version. I once developed my own iPhone app for under $1,000. Click Here to Read Article …

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10 Ways to Become Stressed Starting a Business

I quit my job in 2011 to build my own business. I was in for a bumpy ride – and I knew it. In an effort to obtain results at any cost, l adopted work habits that stressed me out and impacted my productivity.

Thankfully, I have pruned every one of them to a point where I can say that today I’m highly effective and at very healthy levels of stress.

However, in case you want to feel overwhelmed, guilty and stressed when starting your business or freelance practice in 2012, please pay close attention… hey, you may be practicing some of them already! Click Here to Read Article …

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