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Starting Your Own Business for Under $1,000

Starting Your Own Business

The Internet is without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful tool in the world. One amazing aspect to the Internet is how easy it allows you to quit your day job and help you with starting your own business venture you have always dreamed of, all at a relatively low risk.

You may ask how on earth can I start my business without having employees or even a website, well the answer is simple: outsourcing. Websites such as E-lance or Freelancer have made it incredibly easy to get the services you need to start your venture all at a relatively low price. Even if your company involves complex tasks such as software development, you can find someone affordable to help you make the first version. I once developed my own iPhone app for under $1,000. Click Here to Read Article …

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Awesome Links #23: Portable Apps, Crowdsourcing, Get Rich Quick

In this week’s Awesome Links, we’re featuring links that discuss podcasts, portability and pennies (as in the truth about gathering pennies quickly).

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5 Resources for Crowdsourcing Creatives

If you’ve ever been the position of needing a logo, a brochure or even a name for your new product, you know the value of having a sharp, creative mind at your disposal. But what if you had thousands? By the same token, what if you’re the person who always wins accolades for doodling logos and thinking up taglines on the fly, but you have no clue how to parlay your talents into work?

The answer is crowdsourcing. Click Here to Read Article …

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