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25 Examples of Super Creative Resume Design

In today’s job market, it sometimes takes a little extra ingenuity to get noticed. We’ve heard of people printing their resume on florescent paper, sending baked goods along with a cover letter, even buying online ads or renting billboards to promote themselves. While we don’t always recommend such extreme approaches (read up on Aleksey Vayner’s “Nothing is Impossible” video resume to see why), we have to admire the creativity of these 25 resume designs: Click Here to Read Article …

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PechaKucha: Your Unofficial Exhibit

I only recently learned about PechaKucha, a non-profit organization in Japan that started as a way to give voice to designers and which has turned into the everyday person’s outlet to present, well, anything.  On a PechaKucha Night, as one of their presentation gatherings is called, a few presenters will show anything from their first grade art project to their latest high tech web design work and the only presentation rule is the 20×20 format: 20 slides of 20 seconds each. Click Here to Read Article …

Internal Hiring: How to Be the Right Candidate

You’ve been with your company for a little while now. You’re great at your job but you’re thinking you could use a little more challenge. Or change. Or both. You’ve invested some time with this company and you like the culture, the business, and the benefit plan. But there’s still something missing. You don’t want to leave and start again at a new company, so what are your options?

You can settle and just keep doing the same job, hoping for opportunities to pop up to stimulate you or your career, or you can be proactive, and look at other departments and try working with them. This gets you the benefit of starting a new job with the security of staying within a company that you already love. No, this isn’t the same as dating your ex-wife’s sister just because you love the family – that’s a different article altogether. This is more like finding the right fit for you and your development. Maybe a better (or worse) analogy is thinking that any piece of the jigsaw can be made to fit – but it might not look quite right, and it’s usually not that good for the puzzle, especially the puzzle piece. If you know you aren’t fitting in quite right, it’s your responsibility to find where you belong.

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7 Communication Tips That Get You Noticed

Looking for a promotion, but your boss barely even knows your name? It’s a common problem, especially in today’s environment. Cost reductions and downsizing usually results in supervisors having 2-3 times the normal amount of reports. So, how do you stand out in the crowd and differentiate yourself from everyone else?

Since your communications skills and style molds much of the impression on you as a worker, I’ve put together a few tips to help improve these skills. While these alone can’t get you a promotion, it will definitely put you on the right path.

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Be Prepared for a Promotion

There is a growing trend out there for working a shorter work week or even leaving the corporate workforce to work for yourself.  But, for most of us, leaving our current job or even shortening our work week is just not on the short-term horizon.  Given that stark reality, it would be wise to set yourself up for some upward movement in your current job. Easier said than done right? Well, there certainly are a number of steps that you can take to “set yourself up” for a bump in pay and a bump in respect in the workplace.

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