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Awesome Links #36: Mac Apps, Fitness, Getting More Freelance Work

How I Train: Fitness for the Everyperson
If you read Zen Habits regularly, you would know that its creator Leo Babauta likes to talk about his fitness and exercise routine. IAnd to think that just 5 years ago he was in terrible shape. In this post, he talks about his past and then about how he made himself fitter and healthier. Inspiring to say the least.

Fifteen Ways to Enjoy Your Work More—Whatever You Do
The FeelGooder blog has a great post which has some useful advice on how to really enjoy the daily grind at office — or wherever you work. Some of the tips are common sense while some — like doing your toughest work first — are something that not everyone knows about (or, more likely, implements).

My Essential Mac Applications
Boing Boing’s Mark Frauenfelder lists his essential Mac apps in this series of posts (Note: The above link lands on part 5 of the series; he links to the previous posts in this article, too). That means there’s a list of 25 useful Mac apps that the author felt he had to install on his new Mac shortly after purchasing it in order to be more productive. If you own a Mac (or are planning to buy one), I suggest you bookmark the post for quick access.
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Goal Setting: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This year is still relatively “new”, so you’ll find that people have not yet stopped talking about goals and resolutions. However, we’re also at the time of year when the enthusiasm about all that stuff starts to wane.

So, to get you back into the goal setting (and executing) mode, I thought I’d point your attention towards an interesting article by Web Worker Daily that discusses 3 goal setting tips that don’t work — and then offers 3 that do.

It’s an interesting post because it dares to contradict some very common goal setting tips, while  presenting a counter-argument as to why each of the common tips aren’t really all that useful. Furthermore, it tells you what you should do instead.
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Awesome Links #35: Time Tracking, Android Apps, Mobile Priority Inbox

How to Keep Track of When You Work Using a Scheduled Task
This interesting article over at the Guiding Tech blog shows how one could accurately track when he logs in and when he locks his Windows computer. While it could be of great help to people at work who are required to fill in timesheets every day, even people who work from home could make use of this technique to check how productive they are.

10 Android Apps to Help Save You Time & Money
The Lifehack blog has a great list of ten Android apps that can help you cut down on the time and money you spend each day. The list includes the usual suspects like Mint’s personal finance app, as well as some other  lesser known useful apps.
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Awesome Links #34: Pomodoro Technique, Changing Habits

This week’s Awesome Links offers insights on The Pomodoro Technique, successfully changing habits and how to work in multiple time zones without missing a beat.

Managing Money, Time, Energy, and Information: Five Powerful Tactics from My Own Recent Experience
In this article, Trent from the acclaimed The Simple Dollar blog talks about the steps he took after his wife returned to a full-time job. He discusses how he had to manage his kids, work and information. The very first tip – which talks about keeping a bedside notebook – struck a chord with me. While I might replace the notebook with a tool like Evernote on my iPod touch, the concept remains the same.
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QuietWrite: A Distraction-Free Web-Based Writing Tool

Someone said that writing on the web successfully is 5% talent and 95% not getting distracted. I would probably change that 95% to 97% because being a web writer for almost 3 years now, I know how true that statement is. Why do you think distraction-free writing tools are so popular?

QuietWrite is one such web-based writing tool that I recently discovered which sports a clean, clutter-free interface to get some writing done. Just start writing without worrying about anything. Everything gets saved automatically — including the document revisions.
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AllMyMacApps Lets You Quickly Find and Download Mac Apps

AllMyMacApps is an online tool based on the Fluid app that helps OS X users quickly locate and download apps.
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Awesome Links #33: Free PC Software, Circadian Rhythms, Todo.txt

This week’s Awesome Links includes free software for the new PC user, new Gmail Labs features and using a plain-text editor as a to-do list to get more done.
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Awesome Links #32: Work-Life Balance, Wake Up Early, Mentoring

This week’s Awesome Links discusses some insights on the changes underway at Google, finding work-life balance and tips on mentorship for freelancers. In addition, there’s a link that offers tips to help you become an early riser and another providing a list of companies with a large user base despite having very little manpower behind them.
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