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5 Ways to Engage Your Employees

Failing to engage your employees is an unforgivable mistake.

Employees who are not engaged in the company can feel less important, and employees who feel less important don’t care as much about their jobs.

Creating the spirit of engagement in the work environment will strengthen many spokes in the company, from higher productivity to greater customer satisfaction.

Putting forth the effort will pay off exponentially, and it doesn’t have to be difficult to get the results you’re looking for. Click Here to Read Article …

The Benefits of Working With Inspired People


When I was hired on at a company I had never dreamed would look twice at me, I was immediately inspired to jump in headfirst. I worked tirelessly to make a good impression and help improve the product we were selling.

The inspiration I had stemmed from the newness of the situation and the pride I had in myself and my work. But that newness, the excitement that comes from tackling an unfamiliar project, quickly wore off.

So what was the biggest motivation suck? Coworkers that were uninspired and unmotivated to keep working towards something better, something we could all be proud to have our names on. Click Here to Read Article …

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Why the First Hour is the Most Important Hour of Your Day

Have you ever woken up to the sounds of birds singing outside? You get up, walk to the kitchen, cook yourself an omelet and drink your favorite cup of coffee while you catch up on your RSS feed. Breakfast is perfect and the blogs are right on. — just what you needed to read. You go to work and accomplish everything on your to-do list. You have the exact perfect conversations and to top it off, your colleagues surprise you with freshly-baked cookies just because they love what you’re doing. Lucky day, right?
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