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What Browser Are You Using?

How you surf the web can directly impact how productive you are at work – or in general.  We talked about Safari’s latest iteration recently, but there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

An example of this would be the latest release of Flock, which went into beta testing this past Tuesday.  One of the great aspects of Flock is that you can integrate your social networking profiles from Facebook and Twitter into your browser rather than go to each website or external application.  It now becomes your “one stop shop” to make status updates or check out your latest “tweets” – among other nifty little features.  Its newest version (now built on the open-source Chromium code than previous versions) is only available for Windows right now, but you can sign up at their beta site to find out when it’s going be ready for Mac users.

While Flock may not be everyone’s cup of tea, everyone does have a browser (or browsers) they prefer to use.  What do you use?  Why?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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Which OS Do You Use?

With Microsoft closing in on its Windows XP support end date (and the fallout from the recent Help Centre flaw being broadcast all over the web), PC users are either looking to Windows 7 or sticking with XP “support free” as this transition takes place.  Because we know no one is using Vista, right?

Macintosh OS (also known as OS X and OS 10) users have been “treated” to a new operating system approximately every two years now.  Linux users are having new “distros” developed at a breakneck pace as it gains popularity – but it is still has the smallest market share out there.  (I’m unaware of any standalone productivity applications developed for the OS – web applications seem to be the only option.  If any of our readers know of any, please enlighten me!)

With support ending for what was likely the most widely-used operating system, it brings to the forefront the following:

What OS do you use and why?

Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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20 Free PowerPoint Templates that Don’t Suck

Want to spice up your presentations a little? Tired of the same old “default” themes that Powerpoint brings along for the ride? Check out these 20 free Powerpoint templates that…well…don’t suck. Click Here to Read Article …

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Safari 5 – The World’s Most Productive Web Browser

Editor’s Note:  Peter North, one of WorkAwesome’s newest contributors, is at Apple’s WWDC all week.  He’ll provide little snippets for our readers to digest over the course of the week – to pass on what Apple and its developer community has to offer in terms of making all of us more productive.

Yesterday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Safari 5, an upgrade that introduces some significant changes. It has special accommodations for Windows users, faster page loading, and a new developer program that allows programmers to tailor Safari to suit all of our needs. With its new features, Safari 5 could be the most productive browser ever. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Efficient Ways to Share Files

As working from home and from the office is crossing over more and more these days, it’s becoming increasingly important to manage your computer files on multiple platforms.  There are several ways to do this that will keep you moving forward and more productive as a result. Click Here to Read Article …

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Producteev Two is a Sequel Worth Checking Out

Yesterday was the launch of latest offering in web-based productivity software solutions, Producteev Two.  The system takes all of your (and, if applicable, you team’s) tasks and puts them into one place where they can managed and tracked accordingly.  I’ve had some time to play around with the beta release of the product and am quite impressed with the look, feel and ease of use of this pretty powerful tool.  Oh, and you can do pretty much everything without even going to their website. Click Here to Read Article …

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Just Released – Producteev Two

Producteev Two, a web-based task management solution hit the “virtual shelves” today and it is the latest addition to the many productivity tools that can be utilized by individuals or teams.  The aim of these types of applications is to get you out of managing your tasks from your email inbox and put them in a system that will enable you to manage them more efficiently and effectively.

I’ve had the opportunity to play around with the beta version of Producteev Two and will be posting a more comprehensive overview of the system tomorrow.  In the meantime, you can sign up here – it’s free for individuals to try (with some limitations – albeit none that really cripple the product) and put it through the paces yourself.

(You can also let them know what you think of it by sending them a reply via Twitter – they’re @producteev.) Click Here to Read Article …

The CV Toolkit – Resume Templates

Keeping your credentials up-to-date is crucial.  In the ever-changing job market (and world, for that matter), it’s important to keep on top of what skills and experience you have acquired.  It may seem onerous, but there are ways to do it quickly, easily and consistently – you can maintain both your productivity and resumé with the right tools.  That’s where WorkAwesome comes in. Click Here to Read Article …

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