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Christmas Giveaway 2010: Evernote Prize Pack

As the Christmas season arrives and many of us are looking ahead to 2011, WorkAwesome has a couple of special giveaways to offer. These prizes not only enable you to work better and live better, but they will add that little bit of extra “awesome” to your arsenal.

Today we’re going to send you into the end of year break with a couple of giveaways, the first being an Evernote Prize Pack!
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Why the First Hour is the Most Important Hour of Your Day

Have you ever woken up to the sounds of birds singing outside? You get up, walk to the kitchen, cook yourself an omelet and drink your favorite cup of coffee while you catch up on your RSS feed. Breakfast is perfect and the blogs are right on. — just what you needed to read. You go to work and accomplish everything on your to-do list. You have the exact perfect conversations and to top it off, your colleagues surprise you with freshly-baked cookies just because they love what you’re doing. Lucky day, right?
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Teach Parents Tech: Get Productive at Family Tech Support

Family tech support or helping your parents with computers is usually more time-consuming than testing software or writing a blog post. So when a site offers to help us with that and make it easier, a productivity writer like me is bound to get excited.

Well, it recently happened.
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5 Ways to Get Motivated on the Web

Everyone has days where the motivation to get things done is just not there. The desire to work, be productive and complete tasks is weak and we feel as if we’re just going through the motions.

While “off” days can happen to anyone, motivation is a major factor in our productivity and it is something that we can not ignore. Fortunately, if you find yourself in need of a lift, there are many destinations on the Web that you can go to get the inspiration you need to get moving again.

Here are five ways to get motivated online if you’re feeling a bit down.
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Slow Down for the Holidays

The holiday’s are fast upon us. October and Thanksgiving have come and gone, and this week is perhaps the most hectic of the year for most of us..

We are all very busy with our careers, families and the inevitable shopping madness the holidays have become. As web professionals, we need to maintain a balance and continue the upkeep of the many outlets we are involved with.

Oh and did I mention – enjoy the holidays?
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Review – ApolloHQ

ApolloHQ is an “integrated project and contact management” program for multiple users.  It is web-based and works on newer versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  I tried the program for several days and concluded that once little glitches are fixed it will be a good tool for freelancers working in teams and small business owners who want to have a fully hosted, online-based program (note that a single user version is in the works too).  That Apollo is online is great for those of us with good, high speed internet connections, which includes a wide range of users – unfortunately for this traveling freelancer it became a challenge to use the program when I found myself using a 2G connection with speeds still measured in KB. Click Here to Read Article …

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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 6 – Karen Brelsford

This week’s podcast features tips on simple ways to get through the holidays and an interview with theatrical artistic director Karen Brelsford.

Karen has been working in theatre for years and WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy discusses with her how she is able to balance her work as well as handle the rigors of working in such a demanding field. Karen shares her insights on how she manages her time in order to deal with multiple productions and how she went from studying tree rings for a living to the world of theatre.
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The Fight Club Guide to Creating a Cult-Like Customer Following

In a world of “free”, where many businesses want to race to the bottom in hopes of grabbing each and every customer that looks in the window, it’s far too common to see an overabundance of appeasement. The positive side of this is that you never ruffle any feathers or hurt any feelings. But the negative side is that in trying to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

And in this same manner, many companies try to skate by without ever having to take bold or daring action. They don’t want any enemies, and they’re afraid of negative publicity. It’s a confidence issue.

But you know what they say…if you want to make an omelet, you’ve got to break a few eggs.
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