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Podcast 24 – Podcasting Passion with Myke Hurley

On this episode of the Work Awesome podcast, outgoing Podcast Prodigy Mike Vardy chats with a man of many podcasts, Myke Hurley.

Mike is the man behind The Podcasting Project, which is the hub for the podcasts he is involved with (including Enough: The Minimal Mac Podcast, which he co-hosts with past Work Awesome podcast guest Patrick Rhone).

Along with the number of podcasts that Myke is involved in, he manages to work a full time day job — and the discussion on this episode revolves a lot around how one can fuel their passion while still working a job 40+ hours a week.
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5 Money Saving Tips for Freelancers

Money saving tips

So, at last you have decided to dive deep into the freelance world and have already started to feel the freedom of working under yourself and further on your own schedules. Sounds thrilling! Doesn’t it? Your dream of working while seated in the local café or bookshop and drinking coffee comes true.

However, this honeymoon phase might fade out soon, and you find might yourself gazing miserably at your bank account. With these hot money saving tips, you should be alright.

Financial stress, however, is not necessarily an essential condition of freelancing. Nevertheless, financial sickness can come from freelancing if not done with proper care. You have to make a few compromises and planning if you want to step ahead and become financially fitas a freelancer. Click Here to Read Article …

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Healthy Eating Habits for an Awesome Work Day

When you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense that we tend to pay less attention to healthy eating when we’re super busy and rocking it out at the office for more hours in a day than we quite possibly should be. In fact, beyond even eating healthy foods, statistics now say that 1 out of 10 workers don’t even take a lunch break, and of the rest who do take one, most only take 45 minutes. Click Here to Read Article …

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Stress from Business Travel: How to Avoid it

If your job has you on the road, you have to be on the ball about taking care of yourself, otherwise a few months into a heavy business travel circuit will leave you baggy eyed, flabby, and exhausted, with a messy apartment on top of it. You can beat the stress and maintain optimum health and sanity by recognizing the common business travel pitfalls, and then learning how to avoid them. Click Here to Read Article …

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6 Ways to Build Your Brand Using LinkedIn

Is your business signed up on LinkedIn? Good for you.

LinkedIn is the professional equivalent to Facebook and Twitter. It is it largest professional social media networking site with more than 100 million users.

The primary purpose is to connect professionals based on their experience, education, similar career interests and other serious aspects. It is one of the most resourceful tools on the Web to help you build your brand and professional network. Click Here to Read Article …

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Boss, Can I Go Telecommuting?

Telecommuting is not really new to the business community. A CNN Money article reveals that multinational companies like Cisco Technologies, S.C. Johnson, and Accenture have at least 20% of their employees telecommute. In 2008, data shows that close to 20 million US workers telecommute.

If your company hasn’t embraced yet the idea of telecommuting, how do you convince management to give it a try? What should you do to justify this work arrangement? What are the benefits of telecommuting for both the employee and the company?

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How to Quit Your Job – 5 Steps to Transition Into a New Career

While travelling in Dallas for work, I picked up a book titled One Person/Multiple Careers by Marci Alboher. It spoke about how wearing many hats and not being tied down to a full-time job can work for you. In the first few chapters,I made an instant connection: There were a lot of people with dynamic careers out there in the world — just like me — who wanted to know how to quit their full-time job!

I’m a Corporate Banker/Real Estate Agent/Writer/Board Chair for my local Boys & Girls Club. For a long time, I was my biggest critic about these several slashes. I thought to myself, “Okay, Cat, you’ve proved that you can do a lot. . . now pick one. . . one!” Click Here to Read Article …

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7 Reasons You Should Sign Up On Facebook

I worked in a bakery where the owner was a self-professed technophobe. He didn’t have a cell phone, rarely used email and if someone brought up Facebook, he shuddered at the thought of using something he considered to “contribute to the downfall of society”.

He just didn’t see what a social network had to do with people’s food choices. I tried to explain that it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, people from all walks of life use Facebook and by not using it for his business he was missing out on sales every single day. Click Here to Read Article …

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Podcast 23 – Mac at Work with David Sparks

This week’s episode of the Work Awesome podcast features David Sparks. David hosts the popular Mac Power Users podcast, maintains a regular posting schedule on his MacSparky website and finds time to work as a full time lawyer. How does he do it? You’ll have to listen to find out…
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Identifying Your Red Zone of Success

In American football, there’s something called the “Red Zone.” It’s the part of the field inside the twenty yard line, and performance (both offensively and defensively) inside this area is one of the key determining factors of a team’s success or failure.

Teams that easily advance the ball down the field but can’t score in the Red Zone will lose football games. Similarly, teams that play great open field defense but can’t prevent scores in the Red Zone will lose. Performance within this very small sliver of the field often determines overall success or failure for a team. Click Here to Read Article …

Your Excuses Literally Possess You Like a Demon

Let me ask you a question. . .

Have you ever met someone who is truly successful in the way you want success?

I’ve learned that successful people drop the excuses and take full responsibility for their success. As a result, they don’t just get what they want in life–they get the life they always wanted.

When you take responsibility for your success, people automatically want to hand you positions of leadership, and follow your great example. People who take responsibility easily make important friends and are well-liked by others. Click Here to Read Article …

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8 Ways to Make the Most of a Conference

Remember the feeling you get after you ski all day or play a whole day of touch football or volleyball? That feeling of being completely exhausted but satisfied and rested at the same time? That’s how I feel after I go to a conference in my industry.

I’m completely overwhelmed by the fire hose of new thinking and new ideas that I come away with.  At the same time refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to attack my work with resolve and energy. Click Here to Read Article …